Hello! I'm NeuroChat, your AI assistant.
I write texts and answer questions. How can I help?
1. Ask the chat which text you need to generate
Describe the task for creating text with a neural network. For example, “Generate me a text on the topic...” or “Generate a text for a post...”
2. AI will create text online
You will receive a ready-made text from the neural network right in the chat. If the result is satisfactory, then simply copy and you can create a new dialog to generate text.
3. Improve text and save it for later
To improve the text, just write to Neurochat to correct it. For example: “Add keywords (list them)” or “Add a call and hashtags at the end of the post.” All dialogues are saved on the left.

Neurochat from ReText.AI - your online text generator

Neural network for generating text directly in chat: creates AI text online

Why use text generation through Neurochat?

Neurochat - a neural network writes text upon request
Neurochat from ReText.AI works like a chat and is a powerful on-demand text generator. Just enter your queries and the neural network will write the text online, creating informative and engaging texts that meet your requirements.
Neurochat instantly creates SEO articles. Set the text length, structure and keywords.
Neurochat - a neural network for creating posts
Neurochat instantly creates posts using a neural network. Artificial intelligence (AI) for writing posts works simply: you only need to specify the post length, style, main content and hashtags.
Neurochat - a neural network writes text and stores the entire history online
  • Store all SEO texts. to the left of the dialog box. You can go in and continue generating text for search results in the required window;
  • Store SMM posts. Explain in detail all the requirements in the chat: indicate the social network (VK, Telegram, etc.), length of the post, style, hashtags and you can create the following posts in 1 dialogue;
  • Store regular dialogs. In addition to generating text, you can ask any question and get an answer. The whole story will also be saved in dialogues

Generation of diplomas and any scientific works for students

Neurochat is an ideal neural network for creating a diploma, coursework or any scientific work.

The neural network creates any texts: for SEO, bloggers, journalists

Adapts to any style and becomes an indispensable assistant for professionals working with text

What are the advantages of the Neurochat text generator?
Generate text up to 5000 words in 10 seconds
Neurochat allows you to create a unique text of up to 5000 words in 10 seconds in several languages, including Russian. This powerful text generator provides high speed and accuracy, ideal for completing tasks quickly and achieving high uniqueness.
Increasing the volume and improving the quality of text
Neurochat allows you to increase the volume of text and improve its quality. The neural network selects synonyms and paraphrases the text, making it 100% unique, which helps pass the plagiarism check without losing its meaning. This is useful for fulfilling orders and adding stylistic variety.
Compress text to create posts and create annotations
Artificial intelligence in Neurochat allows you to reduce the text to the required number of characters in one click. Users can create annotations for articles and books, adapt texts for social networks, and create summaries.
The ReText.AI service has everything you need to create texts
Texts generated by the NeuroChat neural network can be checked for spelling and punctuation using the "Grammar" service.
In addition, the ReText.AI service offers separate tools for creating texts: paraphrasing with built-in uniqueness checking and SEO analysis, text compression and extension. The main language is Russian, but we also support Ukrainian, Belarusian and English.
Create texts online using a neural network in 1 click with NeuroChat from ReText.AI
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Reviews & Mentions
Hello! I've been using Retext for a long time, since the moment I entered university The service always helps me to write a term paper or essay quickly. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service for free! 🥳
I have been writing a lot of essays at my university lately and I use your service every time. I already passed 95% essay several times and the teacher gave me an automatic «А» ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you very much for Retext!
I run a personal blog, Retext helps me with this. I create new content with the help of your insta blog and useful posts. And your service helps me diversify it!
Thank you for such a new feature. When I saw it for the first time I couldn't believe that this was finally created. Very useful in my studies and work. It's not the first time I've used it. The website is great. Everything is convenient and easy to understand!
This service is my salvation! It's helped me a lot in my studies and work: I always edit texts of reports, term papers and reports using retext, I'm very satisfied!
I love this service. I don't know what I would have done without it during the assessment week. I saved a lot of time editing texts for term papers!!)
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