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Reduce text online without loss of meaning with ReText.AI's neural network service

What are the neural network functions of the service?

How It Works


Text reduction function summarization

ReText.AI's summarization feature can help shorten text content while preserving its meaning.

It can create shorter descriptions or summaries, simplify complex information for easier comprehension, and adapt the text to social networks, saving authors time and increasing productivity.


Basic function of the paraphrase service

ReText.AI is a tool that helps rephrase text by identifying and replacing certain parts of a sentence in your original text.

If unsatisfied with the proposed option, you can easily choose another.


Transformation level control

ReText.AI offers three levels of transformation: low, middle, and high:

  • The Low level offers subtle changes;
  • The Middle level offers more significant changes while preserving the structure of the original text;
  • The High level significantly alters the structure and bears minimal resemblance to the original text.

Smart synonymizer

The synonyms feature allows you to choose the most appropriate synonym for each word in the text.

This can be useful for creating more varied and attractive text variations while maintaining the same general meaning.


The ReText.AI service has everything you need to create texts

Texts generated by the NeuroChat neural network can be checked for spelling and punctuation using the "Grammar" service.

In addition, the ReText.AI service offers separate tools for creating texts: paraphrasing with built-in uniqueness checking and SEO analysis, text compression and extension. The main language is Russian, but we also support Ukrainian, Belarusian and English.


Text extending function extension

ReText.AI's text extension feature allows you to increase the size and diversity of the text.

The service highlights words with one extension option in blue and terms with multiple extension options in yellow.


"Grammatic": One-click neural correction for spelling and punctuation!

Experience swift and thorough text review with Grammatic. Our neural network provides precise spelling and punctuation fixes, plus insights into Russian language norms.

"Spelling": One-click spell checking and correction with AI!

Spelling is an advanced feature of our neural network, meticulously designed to scrutinize and correct textual spelling errors. It encompasses:

Error Correction: The Spelling function adeptly identifies and rectifies typos, misspelled words, and misapplied word usage, ensuring precision in your writing.

Rule Clarifications: Beyond mere corrections, our service offers detailed explanations on the intricacies of Russian language rules, including the subtleties of syntax.

Leverage Spelling to polish your text to perfection, making it not only error-free but also clear and understandable.


ReText.AI: Streamlined Punctuation Corrections Online

ReText.AI facilitates pinpoint online punctuation modifications, with clarity on each standard. It emphasizes the error tally, promising quick and exceptional text improvement.

For copywriters

Reduce text processing time without losing quality and complete more orders


For authors

Create unique content for your social media business, personal blog or website


The Benefits of Using ReText.AI

Paraphrase Text

Generate multiple variations of your text for clearer, more concise expression

100% Unique Text

Artificial intelligence processes your input to create unique content

Up to 7x More Efficient

Users report faster text production with the service's ability to generate multiple variations quickly

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Reviews & Mentions

Hello! I've been using Retext for a long time, since the moment I entered university The service always helps me to write a term paper or essay quickly. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service for free! 🥳


I have been writing a lot of essays at my university lately and I use your service every time. I already passed 95% essay several times and the teacher gave me an automatic «А» ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you very much for Retext!


I run a personal blog, Retext helps me with this. I create new content with the help of your insta blog and useful posts. And your service helps me diversify it!


Thank you for such a new feature. When I saw it for the first time I couldn't believe that this was finally created. Very useful in my studies and work. It's not the first time I've used it. The website is great. Everything is convenient and easy to understand!


This service is my salvation! It's helped me a lot in my studies and work: I always edit texts of reports, term papers and reports using retext, I'm very satisfied!


I love this service. I don't know what I would have done without it during the assessment week. I saved a lot of time editing texts for term papers!!)


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