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Punctuation with a Neural Network: Online Comma Check

Online Text Punctuation and Comma Placement: Check and correct sentence punctuation in just one click!

For students:

ReText.AI swiftly paraphrases, condenses, and expands texts for dissertations, term papers, and essays. It also instantly checks and rectifies punctuation.


For professionals in the text field

ReText.AI is your textual assistant. The neural network aids authors, copywriters, rewriters, SMM specialists, and entrepreneurs in crafting texts and promptly punctuating them.


ReText.AI Neural Network Features:


"Punctuation": Online punctuation check and placement

ReText.AI provides precise online punctuation placement, offering explanations for each rule. The neural network displays the number of mistakes. This tool ensures quick and high-quality text refinement.

"Neural Paraphrasing": Online text paraphrasing in 4 languages

This core feature allows users to rewrite text interactively. After processing, the user is presented with five paraphrasing options to choose the most suitable one.

Three Levels of Paraphrasing

ReText.AI offers three levels of transformation intensity — from minor tweaks to deep reworking for successful plagiarism check passage. Currently, Russian, English, as well as Ukrainian and Belarusian languages are available in beta version.

Synonyms: Intelligent Synonym Finder

After paraphrasing, the neural network suggests a range of suitable synonyms for each word, allowing the user to further optimize the text. This feature is available for Russian and English.

Text Summarization

The service can quickly and efficiently reduce the text to a specified length while retaining the main content, perfect for creating summaries or adapting articles for social media.

Text Expansion

With this feature, one can enhance the volume and stylistic diversity of the text. Words and phrases to be expanded are highlighted in arious colors depending on the number of options. The function is active in four languages.

The ReText.AI neural network is a powerful tool for text processing:

Instant Paraphrasing and Plagiarism Check

In just 7 seconds, ReText.AI can paraphrase text in four languages. With its integrated uniqueness check, your content can easily achieve 100% originality while preserving the initial meaning.

Text Expansion and Condensation

With ReText.AI, you can expand text for marketplace orders or condense it for social media. The online punctuation check ensures your content is grammatically accurate.

Punctuation Check and Correction

ReText.AI allows for an online comma check and correction, providing explanations on punctuation rules. The error display assists in tracking progress and enhancing the grammatical quality of your material.

Add punctuation in 1 click with the ReText.AI neural network!
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Thank you for such a new feature. When I saw it for the first time I couldn't believe that this was finally created. Very useful in my studies and work. It's not the first time I've used it. The website is great. Everything is convenient and easy to understand!


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One step – and your punctuation is flawless with ReText.AI!

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