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ReText.AI – Your Free Spell Checker for the Subtlest Russian Spelling Corrections Online!

Harness AI to proofread and polish your text in Russian with our online spell check tool!

ReText.AI Neural Network Features


"Spelling": One-click spell checking and correction with AI!

Spelling is an advanced feature of our neural network, meticulously designed to scrutinize and correct textual spelling errors. It encompasses:

Error Correction: The Spelling function adeptly identifies and rectifies typos, misspelled words, and misapplied word usage, ensuring precision in your writing.

Rule Clarifications: Beyond mere corrections, our service offers detailed explanations on the intricacies of Russian language rules, including the subtleties of syntax.

Leverage Spelling to polish your text to perfection, making it not only error-free but also clear and understandable.


Paraphrasing: Online paraphrasing in 4 languages!

Paraphrasing: The neural network analyzes your content and offers up to five paraphrasing options.

Paraphrasing Levels

Ranges from minimal alterations to profound text changes for ensuring uniqueness.

Integrated Synonymizer

Post-paraphrasing, the service suggests suitable synonyms, available for Russian and English.


Compress texts to any character count! Useful for extracting key points, trimming articles for social networks, and compressing texts for abstracts.


Enhance text volume. The service highlights words with expansion options and supports multiple languages, currently in beta testing.

Spelling Verification for Students:

ReText.AI assists with the creation of final year projects, dissertations, and coursework by ensuring correct Russian word usage and aiding in the mastery of Russian grammar rules.


For Professionals in Text-Related Fields:

ReText.AI is an indispensable AI-powered proofreader for authors, copywriters, editors, social media managers, and entrepreneurs who demand precise Russian spelling checks.


What are the advantages of the ReText.AI neural network for text?

Fast and High-Quality Paraphrasing

In just 7 seconds, ReText.AI can paraphrase text in four languages, achieving up to 100% uniqueness using an intelligent synonymizer, thus minimizing risks associated with plagiarism detection.

Expansion and Summarization

The "Expansion" function enhances the text's volume, making it richer and more diverse, while "Summarization" instantly trims content to the desired size, perfectly suited for social media and annotations.

Ensure the Quality of Your Text

The "Grammatic" feature ensures that your text stands out not only for its uniqueness but also for its impeccable spelling and punctuation, continually improving your literacy level.

Correct spelling instantly with ReText.AI!
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Reviews & Mentions

Hello! I've been using Retext for a long time, since the moment I entered university The service always helps me to write a term paper or essay quickly. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service for free! 🥳


I have been writing a lot of essays at my university lately and I use your service every time. I already passed 95% essay several times and the teacher gave me an automatic «А» ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you very much for Retext!


I run a personal blog, Retext helps me with this. I create new content with the help of your insta blog and useful posts. And your service helps me diversify it!


Thank you for such a new feature. When I saw it for the first time I couldn't believe that this was finally created. Very useful in my studies and work. It's not the first time I've used it. The website is great. Everything is convenient and easy to understand!


This service is my salvation! It's helped me a lot in my studies and work: I always edit texts of reports, term papers and reports using retext, I'm very satisfied!


I love this service. I don't know what I would have done without it during the assessment week. I saved a lot of time editing texts for term papers!!)


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