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March 7, 2023

What are the research methods in a term paper: an example

What are the research methods in a term paper and how to determine them yourself. Download an example of coursework research methods from us.

  1. What is a "research method"
  2. Types of research methods
  3. Classification of research methods
  4. Theoretical methods
  5. Empirical methods
  6. How to select research methods for a term paper
  7. How to design research methods in a term paper
  8. See examples of work
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "research method"

Coursework, like any other scientific research, is carried out with the use of certain methods and tools. After all, the stages of the work and the result depend on them. Therefore, it is necessary to be responsible for the choice of research methods, starting to write a term paper. At the beginning let's understand what research methods are, then let's consider what they are.

The method of scientific research is a set of methods and techniques used to achieve the goal of research .

This means that it makes sense to choose methods only afterthe research topic of the term paperhas been approved , and the goals and objectives have been spelled out. The choice also depends on the science within which the study is carried out. So, in physics the method of physical modeling is used, in psychology - a survey, and in biology - the method of bioindication.

Types of research methods

There are universal methods that are suitable for scientific research in any field. They are called general scientific methods. This includes, for example, observation and experiment. And the rest, - private scientific methods, are applied only in certain branches. For example, in jurisprudence, the method of comparative law

And we also know that with some methods it is possible to study only certain phenomena, objects, facts, not touching other aspects of the study course. Such methods are called private (special), and all other methods are general. Wikipedia has collected into one article a lot of research methods from different fields. A clear example of the diversity of methodology.

The best known and most familiar classification for all students and teachers is as follows:

  1. Theoretical research methods (comparison, classification, analysis, synthesis, etc.). Such methods are carried out without the use of special tools
  2. Practical (empirical) research methods involve learning by doing. These include methods such as experimentation and testing.

When selecting research methods, be guided by the subject and object. Next, let's break down all theoretical and empirical methods in more detail. And to prepare your term paper quickly , use a neural network to write your text. It will make an original text material from the available information with the preservation of meaning. This way you don't have to spend a lot of time on writing the theoretical part, and get busy preparing a high-quality research.

Classification of research methods

As we have already said, the basic classification of research methods is divided into two large blocks: theoretical and practical research methods. In each of these, there are a number of specific techniques. Let us cite those that occur most frequently.

Theoretical methods

The choice of methods should be approached as carefully as possible, because they will be the basis for the organization of the research term paper. The result depends on the chosen methods. Therefore, special attention is paid to the description of the methods in the introduction. By the way, our blog has already published an article on how to write the introduction in term paper 2023. The main theoretical methods include the following:

1 Abstraction

Abstraction is focusing on the study of a particular property of an object. The result of abstraction is the development of abstract concepts that characterize objects from different sides.

2 Analogy

Analogy is used when there is no way to study the properties of an object. But there are similar objects that have already been studied, described, and can be used as an example. For example, in the study of space.

3 Classification

A simple and effective method. It consists in the division according to certain characteristics. The student can develop his or her own classification and use it in the study (classification of cats by length of hair, psychosomatic patients by level of emotional intelligence).

4 Summary

If classification divides, then generalization, on the contrary, takes objects or objects and unites them by a common feature. This is to identify common characteristics, dependencies, and properties.

5 Comparative analysis

Comparison - a comparison of several properties or properties of several objects among themselves. For example, comparing the economic development of different countries or smartphone models.

6 Synthesis

Synthesis is the combining of particular traits into an overall picture, like a jigsaw puzzle. In psychology, in order to get an overall picture of a person's personality, it is necessary to study many of his qualities and traits.

7 Literature Analysis

An important method used in every term paper. It helps to assess the student's awareness of the chosen topic. This includes a review of the works of scientists, memoirs, biographies, and various scientific articles.

Empirical methods

1 Experiment

A suitable method to test a hypothesis. For a successful experiment, it is necessary not only to demonstrate the properties or phenomena, but also to repeat, to stimulate the manifestation of the qualities under study. In coursework this method is rarely used, because it is not always possible to create the necessary conditions for implementation.

2 Observation

The method of observation implies non-interference in the natural processes of the object's functioning. The researcher simply observes from the side and records everything that happens to the object, draws conclusions based on the observations. For example, when testing new drugs, laboratory animals are given a drug and observed for changes in the body. This method is considered key because all scientific and non-scientific knowledge begins with observation.

3 Measurement

It is used when the research in the coursework involves measurements and calculations. For example, when the object of research in the course is an athlete, and we need to measure the speed of his running on different surfaces.

4 Modeling

Simulation - creating a highly reduced copy (model) of something. Used to save budget, time, and other resources. Often used in high-tech and large-scale developments.

5 Conversation and interview

Both methods consist of face-to-face communication with the object of study. But the interview is a more free-flowing dialogue. And the interview is conducted in a more rigorous form based on a pre-prepared list of questions.

6 Survey and questionnaire

The difference is that the survey can be done both in writing and orally. Questionnaires can only be done in writing. These methods are most often used when conducting psychological, sociological and marketing research. The greater the number of people interviewed, the more reliable the result is considered.

7 Description

Description is closely related to many other methods. Thus, during observation, it is necessary to record the information obtained or to describe a process, a phenomenon. For example, psychologists, when observing the behavior of people in stressful situations, describe their behavior, reactions, and speech.

How to select research methods for a term paper

As we have already found out, there are a great many research methods. And it is necessary to use some of them, but not all. To understand which methods to use, focus on the following criteria:

  1. Check the object of research in the term paper (what we study, what methods are usually used in the study of this object) . For a more accurate answer to the question, pay attention to the subject of research in the coursework .For example, when the subject of the psychologist's research is stress tolerance, he uses stress tolerance tests;
  2. choose scientifically valid methods. Not all methods in the scientific community are considered valid;
  3. Use several methods to test the hypothesis. This will help verify that the results of the study are correct;
  4. In the process of scientific work, research methods may be supplemented or replaced by other methods. So be prepared to make adjustments;
  5. Be logical in your choice of methods and be prepared to justify your choice.

How to design research methods in a term paper

The methodology, as well as the object and subject of the research in the term paper are described in the introduction. The article "How to write an introduction to term paper 2023" has instructions and examples of registration. I recommend reading it. Answering the question about how to write research methods in a term paper, I will start with important principles - brevity and accuracy. List all methods, specifying their correct names. Do not describe the details of each method, its classification.

It is worth writing a little explanation of the method, if it is some kind of specific, has not been used before, and the host committee does not know about it.

For each method you choose, there must be a rationale in your head as to why this particular method, where and how you applied it.

I also recommend to see a brief article on how to make references in the term paper according to GOST 2023.

Example of research methods

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to combine several methods of research coursework?

Yes, a term paper always uses several research methods. For the theoretical and empirical parts are different.

  • What is the practical significance of the term paper?

The practical significance of coursework lies in the possibility of using the results of the study to solve practical problems. Coursework is considered successful if it is applied in a scientific program.

  • Is there a single example of research methods for writing a term paper?

No, there is no single example. The choice of methods depends on the science being studied, the topic of the study, the subject, the object, the available resources, and other factors.

In this article we figured out what "research methods" are, what are the research methods in a term paper, considered all the basic methods and examples to them. Now you won't have any difficulties with writing a research paper, and if you still have any questions, check out our blog.