January 13, 2023

How to rewrite a text: basic principles

From our review, you will learn what rewriting is and how to do it correctly in simple and quick ways.

  1. What is rewriting
  2. Types of rewriting
  3. Basic rules for rewriting
  4. Stages of rewriting
  5. How to do a quick rewrite

What is rewriting

Rewriting is a way to change the text in order to increase its uniqueness. Thereare different ways to rewrite a text. For this purpose, it is used to retell large parts, to replace words with synonyms and to paraphrase sentences. The service ReText.AI is suitable for paraphrasing. But the meaning of the work should not change.

Rewriting may be necessary not only for students, but also for copywriters. When using materials from other people's articles, search engine robots can detect plagiarism. As a result, the article won't be able to move up in the top of rendering, and the site loses relevance. To make an article popular, its uniqueness must be at least 95%.


Orders for rewrite can be different. It can be writing an article from a single source. Rewriting from several sources, as well as rewriting sources that were provided by the customer. In some cases, the performer is offered to find the sources on his/her own.

Rewriting will help in the following situations:

  • news rewriting. Different publications tell about the same events every day, which need to be rewritten differently in order to achieve uniqueness. On some exchanges are put up rewrites of the latest news;
  • promotion with the use of link mass. Articles are needed to place links that will lead to a particular site. It is not necessary to use expensive author's text, you can apply and just unique;
  • filling partner sites. Information from the main resource should be published on other sites. But everywhere you need good indicators of uniqueness;
  • with small budgets, there is no possibility to buy author's texts. In this case, it is also suitable rerite.

Rewriting has many advantages for both performers and customers. It takes less time for a copywriter to perform a rewrite than to create a unique text from scratch. In this case it will take less time. Rewriting is useful for beginners, as it allows you to improve your writing skills. For customers the main advantage is in the price.


Types of rewriting

There are different types of rewrite, which are allocated according to the degree of change in the original text:

  • superficial. In this case, the original words are changed into synonyms. This variant is used by beginners;
  • in-depth. The original article is completely rewritten and transformed into a unique text. To understand the principle of deep rewriting, it is necessary to remember the school lessons of exposition. It is important to master the information and write a text based on it. In some cases, it is worth using several sources at once, the information from which will allow you to create one complete version;
  • SEO - rewriting. In this case, the original text is rewritten and keys are added to it. These can be words and phrases that are often used to search for information on a certain topic. There are special rules for writing SEO articles, as well as for the use of keys.

There are also different ways to perform rewriting. You can order rewriting from an executive, for example, on a copywriting exchange. You can also use the service ReText.AI, in which you can get much better results than in the usual synonymizer.

In-depth rewriting involves presenting the material not just as a paraphrase, but in an authorial and individual style. The text can be written on the basis of one source, but with the addition of arguments from other sources. When writing an in-depth rewrite, you can change the structure, as well as the volume and number of sentences.

Basic rules for rewriting

Before you start work, it's worth learning the basic rules of rewriting.

Maintaining uniqueness

For the text to suit the customer, it is important to check its uniqueness. Ideally, it should be close to 100%. This means that the remade text does not duplicate fragments of the article, which refers to plagiarism. You can check the text in Retext.Ai.

Preserving Meaning

In revising the material, it is important to retain the essence of the primary source. You can change the order of paragraphs or the structure of the article, but it is important to control the narrative. When performing a rewrite, you cannot add new information that was not in the primary source. It is inadmissible to insert into the text an opinion and evaluation from the author, that is what distinguishes copywriting from rewriting.


This indicator is very important and must be high. The author must not only comply with punctuation and spelling, but also have a large vocabulary and know the stylistics of the language. Beginning copywriters can use such services:

  • - help with the proper placement of hyphens, quotation marks, and dashes;
  • is suitable for spell checking;
  • is a spell-checker;
  • is a site where you can do semantic text analysis and spell check.

Adherence to "nausea"

Nausea in the article is a special parameter that determines the number of words and word forms. The lower the value, the more readable and attractive the text is for robots - search engines.

Clear text structure

Suggestions should be easy to understand. It is important to write headings and subheadings. The text should be divided into separate paragraphs. It is necessary to use numbered and bulleted lists. All this allows you to make the article concise and informative, helps to navigate the content. As a result, the appearance of your work and its quality improves.

Creating a quality rewrite

Use simple tips to create high quality text:

  • apply synonyms, as it will not worsen the quality of the text. But you can't use only this method when doing a rewrite;
  • paraphrase the sentences. The same phrase can be written in different ways without changing the main point;
  • add dilutive and additive words in the form of adverbs, epithets, and various prepositions;
  • Change the structure of sentences. Make shorter sentences out of long ones. Also, several concise phrases can be combined into a larger sentence;
  • change the structure of the article. You can change paragraphs or paragraphs in places.

Stages of rewriting

To learn how to properly rewrite, you need to use the step-by-step instructions. Let's consider the main stages of rewriting:

Communication with the customer

After receiving an order, it is necessary to carefully study the ToR (Terms of Reference). Important points such as the keys, uniqueness parameters and design requirements. It is necessary to look at the required volume of the article and the time required to make the order. This will allow you to properly schedule the time. If necessary, ask questions to the customer, you can clarify the required structure or writing style.

Working with materials

Read the text and note the main points and important phrases that cannot be removed from the article. If unfamiliar terms are encountered, look up their meanings in a dictionary.

Creating a plan

Based on what you've read, make a plan. This is the basic structure by which you will work. As you create the outline, think of headings for paragraphs, mark up tables and lists.

Writing an article

Once you've worked out your plan, begin creating your text. Be sure to refer to the source material. As you write, try to convey your thoughts in your own words. To find new turns of phrase, look at articles in other sources on the same topic.

In the process of working on the text:

  • Use antonyms and synonyms, don't be afraid to add or shorten phrases;
  • try to make concise sentences. Minimize the use of participle and adjective clauses, as well as complex word constructions;
  • you do not use clericalisms and adjectives in the superlative degree;
  • insert subheadings according to the plan you created;
  • draw a conclusion with the conclusions drawn.


When you have finished writing your article, do the following algorithm:

  • check for spelling errors;
  • punctuation check;
  • semantics;
  • uniqueness.

Additionally, you can check the article for "wateriness" and "nausea. It is better to remove unnecessary things, but you need to make sure that the edits do not affect the uniqueness.

At the end of the check, a proofreading is done. To do this, read the article aloud. This will allow you to see typos and incorrect endings. Proofreading is a good opportunity to replace weak sentences and phrases. After all the points are made, the article can be sent to the customer for review.

How to do a quick rewrite

It is possible to speed up the process of rewriting in different ways. Synonymizers are used for quick creation of new texts, but often the quality of such rewriting is very low. It is possible to use more effective methods to make a quick rewrite. Copywriters with experience use the following techniques:

Use copypaste

Copy the fragments from the source into your work, which will save you time. You will be able to apply the necessary information and immediately check that there is no overlap with the source material. After that you can delete the fragments.

Changing the structure and content of the source code

To change the original, you can do these things:

  • convert fragments into lists. This will make the text easier to read and not so monolithic. Benefits and advantages can be highlighted;
  • Use links to authoritative sites throughout the text. This will make the text more solid;
  • add examples, change examples from the source;
  • use images and graphics. Such a technique improves the perception of information;
  • provide your own recommendations, as long as such changes do not contradict the TOR.

Use of accumulated experience and knowledge

Regular writing of articles on the same subject will allow you to do without sources over time. The ability to quickly process information and properly structure what you have written will also help.

Using software for rewriting

If necessary, you can use special programs for rewriting. The rewriting services change the text with the help of automatic paraphrasing or program analysis. A rewrite obtained this way is better than a synonymizer. Using the ReText.AI service reduces the work on the text up to seven times. At first you can try to do the rewrite online for free. This option is actual when working with large volumes of texts. The program helps to optimize the preparation of text materials for delayed posting services or for work with e-mail mailings.

Работа Сервиса Демонстрация 1

The purpose of the service is to paraphrase texts. To process the text, you need to insert the source text on the left side. After that, the number of characters is counted immediately and the language is determined. In the program you can set the level of text conversion - low, medium or strong. The resulting text can be formatted. To do this, tools such as lists, quotations, headings, fonts are provided. The results can be saved and copied. After processing, you can immediately start the process of checking for uniqueness.

Работа Сервиса Демонстрация 2

Rewriting is a great way to improve your skills as a copywriter. Working with texts will later allow you to write texts faster and make fewer mistakes. Thanks to the accumulated experience and new knowledge, after some time beginners will be able to create their own author's texts. Fast and high-quality rewriting is a useful skill not only for copywriters, but also for those whose work is related to content.