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October 28, 2022

Writing a promotional post on Telegram: all the nuances of the messenger

Recently, Telegram has continued to gain popularity. Advertisers rate it on a par with other social networks. Today we'll tell you how to write promotional posts on Telegram.

  1. Recipe for a good promotional post
  2. Addressing the target audience
  3. Designation of CA pains
  4. General rules for advertising post design
  5. Examples of promotional posts

The share of advertising in Telegram channels increased by 590% in 2022, making the messenger one of the main sources for promoting products and services . Both budget and creativity are important to obtain a wide coverage ofTelegram's audience. The messenger has solvent users with whom it is possible to work, the main thing is to present the brand correctly through an interesting advertising post.

Recipe for a good promotional post

The very first thing to remember when using messenger as an active marketing tool is brevity and informativeness.

Commercial offer in the header

Telegram's target audience is mostly young people who are not used to wasting time reading long texts. The messenger has its own header format, which does not allow the use of more than 10 words. It takes no more than 2 seconds to read it, during which you can understand the essence of the promotional offer. You don't need to use long and complicated structures to attract new clients.

Media. Making the post stand out

How to write a Telegram post so that it attracts as many users as possible? This question is posed by everyone who is going to promote a commercial offer in the messenger. The most important rule in a promotional post on Telegram is a convincing text that stimulates the interest of the audience. To do this, you can use bait words, for example:

  • Just now, last chance.
  • Sale, discount, free, etc.
  • The best, the top 10, the number can be anything.
  • Selection, rating.
  • A novelty, a trend, a bestseller.

The text should be visually noticeable, it's better to highlight it in bold and use emoji. It is not customary in the online space to put a dot at the end of a message/paragraph, so you should refrain from doing so in advertisements as well.

Addressing the target audience

Text-baiting is not enough, it is important to address the potential client directly, examples of good proposal wording:

  • "Especially for moms, discounted baby products."
  • "Gamers, there's a sale going on on Steam, pay attention."
  • "Thrill-seekers - a parachute flight at a discounted price."

Such headlines remove non-target audiences, weeding out users who are guaranteed not to be interested in the offer and attracting target clients. This is especially relevant if the business project works in a narrow direction with a specific segment of consumers.

Identifying the pains of the target audience (TA)

CA's pain are the experiences/problems/issues that people in your target audience face on a regular basis. They encourage you to watch the post and read through it to get an answer that solves the problem. Therefore, it is better to bring the "pains" to the beginning of the promotional message. You can supplement the text with dry facts from statistics, for example

  • "Why can't 70% of people learn English?"
  • "How to avoid mistakes if you're a beginner"
  • "5 minute abs exercises! Lifehack for the lazy".

Informal communication is encouraged on the messenger, so it's recommended to move away from templates and clichés. Users will better appreciate a text that is written frankly, without generalizations and abstruse phrases.

General rules for advertising post design

How to design telegram posts so that the user doesn't stop at just the headline? There are several working rules that will make the text readable and attractive to the potential client:

  1. Formatting - the text should have markers for the user to visually engage with. For this purpose, formatting and structuring are used, for example, you can highlight important information in large font and underline, use numbering, bullets and emoji characters. Also, don't forget about dividing text into paragraphs.
  2. Additional content is a tool to influence the general public, a funny picture, comic or animation works well in advertising and allows you to visualize the product offered .
  3. Advantages come first - there is a lot of competition on the market for goods and services, so when choosing a product the user first of all pays attention to its characteristics. It is important to highlight the factors that distinguish the offer from others, for example, to tell about great experience, to offer free consultation or a gift, to point out low prices.

The design of a Telegram post is an important stage in creating a commercial offer. It should be taken seriously, taking into account the format of the messenger, which suggests using a small number of characters. Posts that have previously been used in other social networks are not always suitable for Telegram. Therefore, they need to be adapted to the messenger. The ReText.Ai platform can help you in this. On the site you can convert, expand or summarize already prepared text without loss of meaning. This way you will save time on adapting and cleaning the texts and can make each advertising message unique.

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Unique content is the key to successful advertising

It's important to remember: A good promotional post consists of more than just a clickbait headline with empty content behind it. Successful brand promotion requires the use of several marketing campaigns. For example, use advertising integration with popular channels.

Native integration works well in messenger and allows you to attract more traffic. The user perceives it as a personal recommendation from the blogger, it causes less rejection, as there are almost no brand mentions in it. Another feature of native posts is a short explanation of the offerer, usually at the very end. Most of the text consists of useful material that helps solve the user's problem. In such advertising it is necessary to take into account the uniqueness of the content, it should be authorial and inspire confidence in readers.

The text of the native post consists of:

  1. Anorganic headline that doesn't mention the brand. A question that hurts the target audience can also be in the middle of the post, where users often turn their attention when scrolling through the feed.
  2. The main part, which includes useful content to solve the reader's problem. It should be unique and authorial, adapted to the topic of the channel. Native advertising has no place for generic phrases, the user should understand that the post is a personal opinion of the blogger who can be trusted.
  3. A call to action, which is placed at the end of the post and includes an advertising offer itself. For example - it can be a link to register on a third-party portal, a description of the benefits of language courses, motivating you to go to the site of the company that runs them.

Examples of promotional posts on Telegram

To better understand the rules of making a good TG ad post, it's important to analyze your competitors' offerings.

A good example is reaching out to a target audience interested in astrology. A succinct and interesting sentence in the title and a lively explanation in the description encourages the user to click on the link.

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An example of a good native post. In it, the blogger takes his time to talk about the advertising partner and first designates the pain of the CA. The post looks limited on the blog because it is perceived as an ordinary story, and the advertising integration looks like a successful recommendation rather than an intrusive offer.

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