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May 23, 2022

How to write a term paper quickly

How to write a term paper and pass an anti-plagiarism check

A coursework is a student's scientific work, his or her independent reseach as a result for a year or a semester.

Every year the requirements for writing the final work is changing, now to get a "pass" from the teacher's students are required to literacy, accuracy in the design, relevance to the topic and the main indicator - the uniqueness of the text.

In this article we will tell you how to write a term paper quickly and pass an anti-plagiarism check.


  1. Algorithm of coursework writing
  2. How to write a term paper without plagiarism:
    • Choice of topic
    • Making a plan
    • Selection of sources and references used
    • Writing the theoretical and practical parts
    • Writing a conclusion
  3. Checking text for uniqueness
  4. Design requirements in 2022
  5. Results

Algorithm of coursework writing

The student has a few months to complete the coursework. You should not leave everything to the last week, because it is a considerable amount of work. Consider the stages:

  • topic selection
  • selection of sources and materials
  • write out the contents
  • coordinate a draft with the teacher
  • write the introduction, the main body, the conclusion
  • teacher verification
  • elimination of errors, remarks
  • teacher's review, uniqueness assessment

Each stage takes a certain amount of time. And it turns out that a few months is not as long as it initially seemed.

But today we're going to tell you about a method that will help you to write a term paper quickly..

How to write a term paper without plagiarism

  • Choose a topic for your term paper

Choose a topic that arouses your interest. We suggest using this tip: take the topic of your previously written essay and continue the research. For example, you wrote about the different temperaments of man and their characteristics. Take a related topic: "The impact of human temperament on his character and position in society". You will reduce the time for the theoretical part and begin immediately to build hypotheses.

  • Make a plan

To write a term paper faster, you need to prepare a plan. Structure of the term paper:

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical part
  • Practical part
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
  • Annex (if any)

An outline will help you follow the structure of the text and present your thoughts in a step-by-step manner.

  • Select sources and compile a list of references

Use online libraries: or You can find articles, abstracts, as well as electronic versions of scientific publications on the topic of your choice.

  • Proceed to writing the theory and practical part of the coursework

The key point is the lack of time. To write a term paper quickly and, most importantly, to pass anti-plagiarism check, use online text rewriting software.

If before you had to download a program for rewriting, now you just need to follow the link ReText.AI, add the desired text and the paraphrasing service will process the information online:

Ретекст Статья 5


The finished text could be checked for literacy using and here your main and most difficult part is done.

  • Write a conclusion to the term paper

When writing the conclusion you can rely on yourself, here you summarize and express your thoughts. Briefly describe your goals and objectives from the introduction, what conclusions you came to, and most importantly, what new things you learned that have not been discovered before.

Checking text for uniqueness

ReText.Ai is not only an online text rewriting program that you can use for free - it is a real anti-plagiarism killer.

After paraphrasing, you can immediately check the text for uniqueness in one click:

Ретекст Статья 5.1

Texts are tested for uniqueness in the programs Anti-plagiarism and Blackboard.

Design requirements in 2022

Your term paper is ready, now all that is left is to format it correctly. The text should be corrected according to these parameters:

  • Font - Times New Roman
  • Font size - at least 12 pt
  • Width alignment
  • Paragraph - 1.25 cm
  • Adjust the document margins correctly in advance: at least 3 cm on the left, 1 cm on the right, and 2 cm at the top and bottom


Let's summarize how to write a term paper quickly without plagiarism:

  • Choose a topic of interest to you
  • Select sources and literature
  • Write a plan
  • Paraphrase text with ReText.AI
  • Check your literacy on
  • Check the uniqueness
  • Draw conclusions and write a conclusion
  • Turn in your work and get the highest grade