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May 25, 2022

How to write a diploma in 1 day

Write a thesis in 1 day and pass the anti-plagiarism test

Student life is full of different events: student spring, meetings with classmates, preparation for seminars, writing term papers and it all leads to one main work - writing a diploma.

Leaving everything to the last moment is a frequent problem of students. Today we will figure out how to write a thesis quickly if there is only one day left.


  1. Is it possible to write a thesis in one day
  2. Algorithm of writing a diploma in a short time
  3. Checking for anti-plagiarism
  4. Results

Is it possible to write a thesis in one day

Yes, it is possible to write a diploma in one day. You will have to put a lot of effort and patience in order not to abandon what you have started.

Start by preparing an outline, so you can understand the structure and scope of the work. Here is a sample skeleton of the diploma:

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical part
  • Practical part
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
  • Annex

As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done, but do not rush to get upset, now we move on to practical tips on how to write a thesis quickly..

Algorithm of writing a diploma in a short time

It may seem like a mission impossible assignment. Diploma - Painstaking work of a student, which should be taken seriously, if your plans do have to finish higher education. Of course, it is possible to do diploma thesis to orderBut to pay for its cost Not under the power of all students, and when in stock only one day will have to rely only on themselves.

We have prepared practical tips on how to quickly write term papers and term papers for students. How to write a term paper quickly you can read in our article. And let's talk about the diploma in this one.

Where to start writing a diploma

To write a diploma in a day is realistic if you stick to a clear structure and use paraphrasing service and spell checker.

To begin with, find ready-made examples on the Internet similar to your topic. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find a related work, you can start to study the literature used and pick up materials for your diploma.

Also use your supervisor's advice and the sources he or she suggested to you. In this way you will build an approximate skeleton of the work we talked about above.

It is important to determine the importance of the topic you have chosen. Why the topic will be of interest to the listener.

For example, a psychology student might conduct research on recent world events such as the pandemic and how it has affected the human condition.

You start with general phrases about world events and then go directly to the topic of the thesis.

So you will build a logical chain from the introduction to the topic to the beginning of its disclosure and the first part of the work will be ready, you can move on to writing the main.

Writing the main body

To begin with, open up all the sources you have found on the given topic, and arrange the sequence in which you use each one.

All materials can be easily paraphrased in the service ReText.AI - it is clever text synonymizer without loss of meaning, you do not need to download it, all modifications of the text can be done on the service platform online. Let's try it out.

Let us return to the subject of the pandemic and its impact on the psyche and try to paraphrase the text from the WHO article on the subject:

Ретекст Статья 3

Now the finished text is checked for spelling on the portal

Ретекст Статья 3.1

You can upload large texts to reduce the time. Edit them immediately on the platform using an additional panel:

Снимок Экрана 2022 05 25 В 12.37.39

This way, you will edit the entire diploma and save it in a document, all that remains is to print it out.

Preparation of the conclusion in the thesis

Conclusion - is an important component of the entire thesis. Here you summarize the results of the research of the whole work.

Don't be afraid to get "stuck" at this stage. All you have to do - is to rephrase what you've already written before. Take the information from the introduction and add conclusions for each paragraph.

It will suffice to describe it in your own words here:

  • Describe the practical part: what you did to study the topic, what research you relied on
  • what conclusions you came to
  • Indicate whether you will continue to study the topic and how the results of your research can be applied.

Some more tips on how to prepare a diploma in one day

The functionality of ReText.AI does not stop at paraphrasing only.

For example, you found a great research on the topic of your thesis and want to use it, but there is too much text and you don't have time. You could use the summarise. It will shorten the text and leave only the important stuff without losing the essence.

Let's give it a shot:

Ретекст Статья 3.5

From the source text in the example of 2724 characters, the service will reduce to the parameter you specify. For example, to 2000 as shown above. You can use abbreviated text or write it in your own words after reading it.

Checking for anti-plagiarism

As we have already written in the article how to write a term paper quickly, to check the work on the anti-plagiarism can be immediately in the service ReText.AI.

Снимок Экрана 2022 05 20 В 16.54.17

Texts are tested for uniqueness in the programs Anti-plagiarism and Blackboard.

You can check individual parts of the text or check the whole work at once after completion.


We told and showed how to write a diploma in one day. Be patient and brew a couple of liters of coffee. Now everything depends on you. Don't give up and write your work. The supervisor may send it back for revisions, but the main thing is that you will gain time and be able to correct mistakes.