February 14, 2022

Unique text in a couple of clicks with ReText.AI

How you can use the ReText.AI smart copywriting service to create unique text that will be written by paraphrasing the original version.

Nowadays, creating a unique and high-quality text is quite a challenge. In the work, it was necessary to delve into the topic, read several sources, write a draft and complete it with details, and read some more new books on the topic. Then it was necessary to read the text again in order to avoid repetition and diversify the material.

This is a very time-consuming process that requires a person to have certain skills, so many people prefer to turn to specialized companies that deal with writing papers, essays, articles and other things. This service costs quite a lot and frees you from having to do the writing yourself. However, some companies may have their own peculiarities, so the text should be carefully monitored to avoid embarrassing situations when checking the final result.Frame 224

With the help of the neural network, which is at the heart of ReText.AI, you can change what someone has written, increasing the uniqueness of the text up to 100%. This new tool appeared on the market quite recently and is already popular among users.

Quality rewriting can come in handy in the work of journalists. At the moment, it is possible to quickly and efficiently paraphrase the text with secondary information, which will significantly reduce the time of work on the news item.

A convenient and fast online service that makes the text unique is also needed for students and schoolchildren. This method allows students to get the opportunity to make the necessary variety in all parts of the text, and to avoid unnecessary reproaches from teachers for copying fragments of material from free sources.

This development will be useful in business as well. Today it is almost impossible to do business without a presence in social networks. But if you want to be sure that your text will be published exactly as you need it - then you need ReText.AI.

Using this tool, even a person with minimal experience in writing texts can fill the page "About" and several other sections of the useful and unique texts, based on information from the Internet.

The service makes it easy to work with, just paste the desired text in the right window into the left window and click the "Paraphrase" button. In the process of converting a single word occurs in a matter of seconds, which saves the user time. After that, within a couple of seconds you can choose the most suitable paraphrasing option for you.

In order to make the text more clear and understandable for users, the service independently colors the words orange with the help of a machine learning algorithm. If the sentence has not lost its meaning, then it will sound and read well. And if not, the user can always correct something for himself or choose the most appropriate variant from the list offered. And this will be taken into account the next time, the neural network will work even more efficiently and correctly. You do not need to register to work with small amounts of text. You can use ReText.AI to process a small note of up to 900 characters for free, but to work with large volumes you will need to register a premium subscription.Ценник Англ


At the moment, you can find three rates on the site: text rewriting for 100,000 characters costs 199 rubles per month. For 500,000 characters you need to pay 299 rubles, and for 499 rubles the artificial intelligence will be able to write more than 1 million characters.

With the same account, you can see the uniqueness of the resulting text, and also has the ability to edit the text. With this tool you can create text directly in the window with the converted information, freeing the user from the need to copy the received information to other applications.

Already now the service is capable of making high-quality copywriting, as well as checking for uniqueness, but soon the developers plan to significantly expand its functionality. The authors of the project are also working on increasing the vocabulary of the resource as a whole, so that text processing made with the help of ReText.AI will become even more "lively".

The Internet already abounds with various articles on any subject. In this case it is possible to take an already ready variant and then write it in your own words. Earlier this process took a lot of time for people, but with the development of artificial intelligence there are new solutions for this process.

Thanks to this ReText.AI service you can easily and quickly convert the original text into a unique one. And this despite the fact that the text completely retains its meaning, and the result looks as if it was written by a person, not a robot.