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March 10, 2023

How to write a unique article using neural networks in 2023

Writing a unique text is very easy. It's enough to use a neural network to make the text unique online. Read more in this article.

  1. Methods for writing an article
  2. Why uniqueness is important
  3. How unique content is created
  4. How do they analyze texts for uniqueness?
  5. How you can quickly unique a text online
  6. Ways to improve the uniqueness of the text
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Methods for writing an article

How to write a text correctly? Every experienced copywriter has his own answer to this question. The following remains unchanged: it is considered that a professional copywriter writes articles himself, takes information only from his own head. He doesn't use any third-party sites, he doesn't borrow any text from any place. We can only guess, how much the thoughts stated in such an article are objective and correspond to reality.

There is an opposite way, when they do rewriting. A rewriter, unlike a copywriter, takes a text from the Internet and rewrites it in other words, preserving its meaning. He does not bring anything new, he does not create anything, although technically such an article has a high uniqueness. This method is usually used by the rewriters themselves, as well as by beginners in copywriting.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. If we take them all into consideration, we will get the golden mean, where a copywriter writes himself, but if necessary, adds important information from other sources with the help of rewriting. Professional rewriting in 2023 is easy to do, there is a special neural network for copywriters. I'll tell you more about it further.

Why Uniqueness Matters

If you write articles for the site, it is important that all of your content is unique. Otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever. Let me explain why a site needs unique content. The site, which posted the information earlier, for search engines (Yandex, Google) is considered an original source. And, accordingly, will be the first to show up in extradition. Therefore, in order for SEO promotion to be as effective as possible, you have to write articles yourself or use the method of the golden mean, which was discussed above.

The second case of demand for uniqueness is checking for plagiarism. When you write an article to order, for example, through the exchange, then the terms of reference usually specify an acceptable percentage of uniqueness. To check the uniqueness of the article, you can use special services. Includingwith this easily copes online service Retext.AI. Verification systems have a database of works, which is constantly updated and supplemented. Scanning sentence by sentence, they check the entire text with the database. Even if individual phrases coincide, the system recognizes this and reduces the originality.

After all, there is a copyright law (Civil Code Chapter 70. Copyright) which protects creativity from plagiarism. It forbids the use of any textual materials without the consent of the copyright holder. In order not to break the law and not to face legal action, don't misrepresent someone else's text as your own! Ask the author's permission. Or be inspired by what you read and write your own.

To summarize the reasoning. Uniqueness is important because:

  1. The level of uniqueness determines the effectiveness of SEO-promotion, the cost of attracting customers, and hence the profitability of the site.
  2. No anti-plagiarism system will miss a copied article.
  3. It is against the law to use someone else's articles or any other creative material without asking.

How unique content is created

In terms of Internet marketing, unique content is any information (text, video, photos, audio) that has not previously been on the Internet. There are two ways to create unique content.

I call the first way of producing original content the traditional way. You need to find and hire an author who will create the very new, unknown to anyone. There is a nuance. There is no guarantee that the author will create his own. Perhaps, he read the article "How to do the text rewriting: the basic principles", and will do a high-quality rewrite. In addition, the cost of the author's services is high, and the speed is low.

Creativity Creative Ideas Imapirationt

The second way, as you have probably already guessed, is rewriting. Yes, copywriters use this technique. Though many don't admit it, but it's a fact. But not because they can't write themselves. They can! Many topics are just so beaten up, so chewed up. Even the customer demands, that "as at the competitor, but with 100% uniqueness". Rewriting is fast and cheap. Especially now, when there isa neural network for professional rewriting.

Rewriting with the help of a neural network is the third way. In order to do high-quality autorate, it is desirable to learn how to write yourself, that is, to master the first two methods. But if you are a beginner, don't get upset. A neural network is able to do the rewriting, it will transform the text, show all the changes, corrections, uniqueness percentage, the only thing left is to see the ready document and download it. That is why for beginners it is even useful to work with a neural network.

How do they analyze texts for uniqueness?

We have determined how to write a unique text. Now about how to check that the text is really original.

What cannot be done manually is to check the text for uniqueness. There are special services that collect all text content into one database. Then they compare your document to this database, trying to find plagiarism. They look not only for verbatim sentences, but also for rewrites. Uniqueness (originality) is defined as a percentage. 0% - the text is completely copied from another source. Usually services show links to resources where this phrase exists. And if the text is original, the service will show 100%. It so happens that for professional work (posts, articles) the normal level of originality - not less than 90%. For students doing academic work, the uniqueness of 80% is sufficient.

Services to determine uniqueness are called anti-plagiarism. Each anti-plagiarism service has its own algorithm and its own database, so they will all show different results.

How you can quickly unique a text online

How to make a unique text online without losing meaning? Is it possible? Yes, in 2023 you can write unique texts quickly online with the help of Retext.AI neural network. This service is designed to convert text using different techniques:

  1. Paraphrasing - rewriting a text in other words while retaining its meaning .Работа Сервиса Демонстрация 2
  2. Summarization - a summary of the text (article, abstract, story) .
  3. Expand is the opposite function to summarize. Click the "Expand" button and your text will become larger. Solves two problems at once: increasing the number of words in the text and increasing uniqueness.
  4. Synonyms - in the upper right corner (above the modified text) there is a toggle switch for synonyms. If it is on, you can see other conversion options when you click on the words.

After the conversion you can also check the text for uniqueness, which thanks to the neural network can go up to 100%. Neural network scans each sentence, determines what words and phrases can be added or replaced, selects five options for each sentence. The best option out of them (in the neural network's opinion) is shown on the screen. You can see the rest by clicking on the transformed sentence. A couple of clicks and your unique text is ready!

Ways to improve the uniqueness of the text

To improve uniqueness, the most popular and most effective way is rewriting. Let me remind you a few ways of rewriting.

  1. Replacing individual words with synonyms. You can make up a synonym yourself, or you can use the clever synonymizer. Just click on the word and a list of other options will pop up.Работа Сервиса Демонстрация 1
  2. Replacing verbal nouns with verbs and vice versa.
  3. Direct speech, if any, can be replaced by indirect speech. You can read about how to write dialogue correctly in the text inthe article.
  4. Divide one large sentence into several small ones, or, conversely, combine several small ones into one. Break up the structure of the text in other ways.
  5. Abbreviations can be replaced by full names and the term by its explanation.

Even more ways to improve the uniqueness you'll find in the article "16 ways to bypass anti-plagiarism and increase the originality of the text in 2023". It describes the shingle method, secret Word tricks, replacing formulas with pictures. Lists ways to uniqueness that no longer work. And much more useful information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the optimal percentage of uniqueness for the article?

Not less than 90%. The terms of reference may specify a different requirement. In other cases, it is worth adhering to this result. The higher the better, but not less than 90%.

  • What is the minimum percentage of uniqueness for term papers?

At least 80%. In the term paper originality may be lower than in the article. Check with your supervisor for the exact requirements. Usually not less than 80%.

  • What is the most effective way to write unique articles?

It depends on the goal. All of the above methods work. For example, if you need to quickly write unique articles without much effort, Retext.AI neural network is thebest way to do it .

In this article we broke down the methods of writing articles. We answered the question about how to write a unique article using neural networks in 2023. More useful stuff on the blog.