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March 9, 2023

How to become a good copywriter in 2023

How to become a professional copywriter and what tools to use. Read about it in this article and find out what a beginning copywriter needs

  1. Who is a copywriter and what he does
  2. How much a copywriter earns - economics on your fingers
  3. Where can a copywriter find orders?
  4. How to become a good copywriter
  5. Mistakes of novice copywriters
  6. Tools for the Copywriter in 2023
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

If you dream of becoming a good copywriter in 2023, then you're on the right track. After reading this article you will learn how much a beginner copywriter earns, where he earns, beginner mistakes and much more. You can write a unique article by using a neural network to paraphrase text.

Who is a copywriter and what he does

Copywriter is the common name for specialists who write texts. This is the name given to people who write unique text from their heads or communicate with an expert and write based on this information. There are rewriters - they rewrite the text, based on what is already available on the Internet. Then there are those people who call themselves commercial writers or authors, web copywriters, SEO copywriters, and other terms.

It does not matter at all what a specialist calls himself. What matters is his writing skill.

There are two kinds of copywriters:

  • Works strictly according to the ToR (terms of reference). You are told what needs to be done, and you do it. In no case can you add or remove anything from the text. But you don't have to think about the purpose of the text, the placement, the role of the content in the sales funnel, and other things.
  • Independent work. Here you should not just write text, but create tools that will increase the sales of products/services. Ideally, you should create informational articles that fully answer users' questions and increase trust in the business. And promotional ones - so that people buy products and sign up for links.

Problem solving is much more important than mindlessly writing letters.

How much a copywriter earns - economics on the fingers

How do you start earning a beginning copywriter's fee depends on experience, portfolio, and skills. In addition, the knowledge of English multiplies the salary and the opportunity to work with cool projects. A beginner copywriter's salary is 25-30 thousand rubles per month. Experienced specialists earn from 50-70 thousand rubles per month and up to 90-100 thousand rubles. The biggest salary creative directors - more than 100 thousand rubles.

But many copywriters prefer to work remotely. A freelance specialist can earn from 40-60 thousand rubles to 60-70 thousand rubles. The best specialists earn from 100,000 rubles.

The cost of a copywriter on the exchange:

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Where can a copywriter find orders?

How does a beginner copywriter start earning money? The first thing you need to learn about is where you can find orders.


Internet sites where you can find "one-time" orders or offers from customers or performers. This kind of site is suitable for starting the career of novice copywriters, with their help you can practice your skills and get experience communicating with your clients. Understand the basic requirements for content.

Dedicated job sites:

Here you should look only after you already know who the copywriter is and what he does, as well as how much the services of a specialist can cost.

There are 2,882 jobs on a site like this. You can choose what suits you best.


Website, professional social networking page, personal blog:

This method is more suitable for experienced copywriters. In most cases, their services are expensive.


Exchanges are special sites where orders are placed. There are a lot of them and on different topics. However, for newcomers to the exchanges, access is open only to the cheapest orders. To gain access to more expensive items, you need to accumulate a rating, which can take years. But it's safe here - the exchanges will definitely pay you a fee. Examples of exchanges:

  • Advego;
  • Weblancer.

Groups and channels with vacancies

Groups and channels with vacancies - there are no ratings here, you can offer your work to absolutely all clients. But, unfortunately, this is not very safe. Groups and channels do not guarantee that you will get paid for your work, you write at your own risk. It is better to take full payment at once, or prepayment.

How to become a good copywriter

What a novice copywriter without experienceshould pay attention to in order to become the best in his business:

  • Do in-depth research on information

It's better to spend more time researching information than writing texts. I understand that it is difficult. Especially when you write for 10-15 rubles per 1000 characters. But it's really important, because without it you won't be able to grow and increase your fee. You have to be completely confident in what you write. Your article should be interesting and relevant.

  • Analyze CA (target audience)

The target audience (TA) is those people who could potentially buy a company's product or other services: subscribe to the newsletter and write a review about the company. I've never understood the point of studying the TA before: the text will always remain a text, what's the point, who will read it. And there is a difference. You have to write in the language of the target audience, because what will be understandable to teenagers 16-18 years old will be completely incomprehensible to pensioners 60 years old. Read in the article what Tone Of Voice is.

  • Do some fact-checking

Factchecking is checking the facts that you will use in an article. It should be done on a regular basis. Even if it seems plausible to you. If your article turns out to be irrelevant and untrue, it is unlikely that the customer will contact you again.

  • Write less and as simply as possible

Don't digress and write factually. You don't need to use lyrical digressions in your articles to get more characters and make more money. It is better to write two articles instead of one.

  • Observe all the rules of the design

It is very important to observe the correct formatting. Read a solid text is very, very difficult. Use lists, they are, by the way, better read and perceived. Highlight the main information, use headings.

  • Explore sales funnels

Knowledge of marketing will help you grow and earn more. A copywriter who knows how to sell with texts is much more valuable than one who only types characters on a keyboard.

  • Don't be in a hurry to grow

All in good time. You have to grow gradually. The growth of income should be gradual. Let's say you have regular orders of 100 rubles per 1000 characters. Try to increase the price by 40-50% and give up some of the old. The higher the income level, the more chances that you will find orders with a fee above the average market. Let you have fewer orders, but it will only be a plus, because you will get more free time. Then you can look for orders at an even higher value, rejecting less profitable ones.

Mistakes of novice copywriters

How to become a copywriter? Where do you start? You need to start with sorting out mistakes. In fact, absolutely everyone makes mistakes, and that's normal. If you never make mistakes, then you're not growing. But let's still break down the most common mistakes beginner copywriters make so you don't make them.

  • Don't do a CA analysis

It's important to speak the language of your target audience. Don't explain a topic in terms for people who won't understand them. Don't write "Hey" in a serious article about experts. Imagine the person you are writing for. Who is he? What does he or she look like? What problems might they have? What kind of information do they like to read? Research various articles, competitor sites, and Wordstat.

  • Too much "we."

When you write for a company website, don't use the pronoun "we. You should not write on behalf of the company, but for the potential buyer. It doesn't work and it doesn't sell. Read how to write about the company here.

Мы Вы (1)

  • Lots of terms.

Abstruse words are not the best option for a novice copywriter's text. Extracts from encyclopedias, incomprehensible to ordinary users, appear due to the fault of a disgruntled customer. He believes that the expertise of the material is measured by the number of complex terms or constructions in the text. But it is not so. If the copywriter finds it difficult to dissuade the customer, the work will be ruined. Remember who you are writing for.

  • Articles without structure

For the text to be clear, it must have a clear structure: headings and subheadings, sections, etc. Divide long sentences into two or three short ones. Information is easier to perceive and quicker to absorb if it is presented in a clear and understandable way. If you want the text to be not heavy, try to minimize the use of participles and derivatives. Do not use paragraphs of more than five lines, use lists if possible, dilute the text with pictures.

  • Failure to comply with customer requirements

Many copywriters either do not think about the terms of reference or simply forget about them. To avoid problems at the text-agreement stage, never forget the ToR. It often contains useful information for writing.

  • Stylistic errors

Most beginners suffer from repetition, tautology, patterns, and clichés. Constructions like "Ask the exact address, ask a question," as well as other similar constructions do not decorate the text, but weigh it down.

  • Use of incorrect information

It is not enough to read two or three articles from search results. It will not allow you to fully familiarize yourself with the issue and analyze the activities of competitors to make sure the information is relevant.

Every business has its own peculiarities. And a copywriter who has not worked in this field for several years is not an expert in this field. A novice copywriter or even an experienced one will not write everything about legal services and garden swings at once without preparation. It is imperative to know and check the information for relevance. Don't forget that a beginning copywriter has never delved into a topic about electrical equipment.

Tools for the Copywriter in 2023

Every self-respecting copywriter should have auxiliary tools for quality work. These are the tools:

A neural network that can paraphrase any text and create a 100% uniqueness. With the help of this service you can also expand the text or, on the contrary, reduce it to the required number of characters. Retext.AI will come to the rescue when you need to add characters to your article or pick up synonyms for words.

Check punctuation, grammar, and stylistic literacy based on machine learning. With this program, you can find more than 80% of the omissions and recognize even the most complex errors. You just have to insert your text and get a detailed parsing with tips on how to improve your text. But you have to register to upload your text.

This program can be compared to the interlocutor from Chekhov's play. It will analyze the text, underline inappropriate turns, advise you to replace stamps and punish a little for the modal verb. Its use makes it easier to read the text, as well as giving it a clean slate.

Will check your text for stop words, water, and classic document nausea.

Select a query or word you are interested in, and the program will show you how often people ask them in a search. And also, Yandex will show you the search option with that word and the wording for users. A great tool for SEO texts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it worth studying to become a copywriter in 2023?

If you really want to work as a copywriter, of course you should. There are a lot of vacancies and orders. There are actually very few good copywriters on the market. And earning a beginner copywriter good money is absolutely real.

  • Are there tools for quick rewrites that copywriters can use?

Yes, there is. Service Retext.AI can paraphrase any text for 1 minute, and create uniqueness of 100%. In addition, there is a selection of synonyms, which can be useful to absolutely all copywriters for the purity of the text.

  • Is higher education important for a copywriter?

Not really. No customer looks at a copywriter's education. More often than not, attention is paid to the test assignment and the portfolio.

Now you know how to start working as a copywriter with no experience in 2023. You have all the information about tools, job search and the most common mistakes. I wish you good luck in mastering your new profession.