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November 9, 2022

Commercial copywriting: learning to write sales texts

Selling through texts is not as easy as it seems. It's not enough just to write about the product. That's why in this article we tell you what you should take into account when writing advertising texts.

  1. What is sales text
  2. How to write a sales text
  3. Sales text template

With the help of advertisements, articles, and posts on social networks, businesses communicate with their audience, find new clients, maintain their reputation, and increase their visibility. A good sales text encourages consumers to actively interact with the brand and motivates them to take an action (buy, subscribe, make a delivery, etc.). There is no universal template for writing an effective sales text, but there are models that are a mainstay for copywriters.

What is sales text

The language of an advertising text is very similar to the language of informational articles. The purpose of a sales text is to induce a person to perform a targeted action (buy something, sign up somewhere, place an order or delivery, etc.).

To assess the effectiveness of the sales text used conversion - the ratio of visitors who saw the article, the number of people who have committed the desired action.

To write a selling text, the author must not only know how to write, but also understand marketing and psychology.

How to write a sales text

Before you start working on an advertising text, a portrait of the target audience is drawn up. The more precise it is, the more likely a response will be. A text that sells a product must catch the eye in the first second. The headline and lead paragraph attract more attention. They are used to make the selling point or the offer.

A sales text is needed to make you aware of the benefits. Get rid of "water" and clericalisms. You can do this with the help of two services: the free "Glavreda" and the paid "Turgenev Ashmanov" (one check for 5 rubles).

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The ReText.Ai platform will also help you work on your text. Artificial Intelligence will help add dynamism to your text and rid it of "water" and clericalisms. For this purpose you need to upload text to the site and use one of the functions: summarization, extension or conversion. The platform also allows you to work with synonyms, you can replace the words you need with a click of the mouse.

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Sales text template

Here are some examples of formulas for selling texts. The main thing is to remember that there is no universal template, there are only tips on how to make the text better. It is not necessary to follow a certain formula every time, it is important to understand that the text should meet the goal.



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It's an acronym that means:

  • Attention, attention. The title and the first paragraph should be the most important.
  • Interest, interest. From the first lines, the text should arouse the reader's curiosity. This paragraph tells about the benefits of the product.
  • Desire, Desire. The description of the pros, emotions from the operating experience continues.
  • Action, action. A call to action is placed at the end.

The formula is more suitable for a warm audience and popular product niches: cosmetics, products, clothing.


PMHS is an acronym that means:

  • Pain, the pain of the target audience.
  • More pain, increased pain. Exacerbating the problem. Talking about methods the client has probably tried, but they didn't work. Or about what happens if the problem is not solved.
  • Hope, hope. A story about there being a way out of pain.
  • Solution, solution. Block with product information.

PMHS is used in funnels, mailings, lead magnets.


The formula is used in banners, branding, and outdoor advertising. Translated as offer, offer; deadline, time limit; call to action, call to action. Selling text ads, compiled on the model of ODC, should be capacious and specific, without the generic words. For example: "Prada chair for 790 rubles until October 31".