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November 16, 2022

Keywords in the text: how to organically and correctly fit the keys in the article

Not every copywriter can competently insert keywords into an article. You have to learn how to work with keywords. We tell you how to use keywords correctly in your text.

  1. What are keywords
  2. Types of keyword occurrences in texts

Beginner copywriters often do not understand how to correctly insert keywords into an article. Incorrect occurrence of keywords in the text makes it unreadable, uncomfortable to the perception and gives out the inexperience of the author. In addition, does not contribute to the promotion of the site. Such a concept as SEO-copywriting is now on hearing. Its basic tool is keywords. It is important to understand what they are.

What are keywords

Keywords are individual words or phrases in a text published on the Internet that are used by the artificial intelligence of search engines to find relevant content among zettabytes of information on the Web. These are the same words and phrases most often used by a user in a web browser's search bar. To make an article attractive for the reader and search engines, you need to use the keywords in the text on the site in different occurrences. An experienced SEO-copywriter knows how to organically fit the queries into the text.

Types of keyword occurrences in texts

Exact/clear entry

You must write the query as specified in the technical specification. The exact entry is case-insensitive, while the pure entry is case-insensitive, capital and uppercase letters may be written according to the rules of grammar.

A A2 C D05 B A465 4204 9978 B4 F594 Abb A52

Direct entry

A8 C45314 8289 44 CC 9 Fcc 4 A36 F7670697

In the terms of reference there is almost always a requirement to use keywords for the text on the site in direct occurrence. The query is written in the way specified in the assignment, punctuation between words within the same sentence may be used.

Diluted entry

In this form the key phrase can be separated by 2-3 other words, prepositions. The sequence of keywords in the text should be observed.

Morphological occurrence

One or more words in the keyphrase must be changed: a declension or conjugation must be made. The case does not matter, but the sequence must be respected.

0019 Dc B6 9 B9 E 4059 B E3 E 22 D1366 a A4 C3

Synonymous occurrence

The title indicates that one or more words in the keyword can be changed to synonyms. For example, "Rent a car" can be changed to "Rent a car". Often synonymous occurrence is used if the phrase contains a well-known abbreviation, it is replaced by a transcription: Rent a car in St. Petersburg = Rent a car in St. Petersburg.

B97 D6 B9 F 25 D4 4769 B871 940 B6 C B56 A25

Entry with errors

Inclusion with errors is encountered if a keyword generator was used to create the article. The copywriter should be prepared to use keywords with deliberate typos and mistakes. It is in an erroneous form that some Internet users may ask a search engine, so the content should be given a chance to be found even by misprinted keys.

To write good SEO text, you need to identify which words are best to use. To do this, you should analyze competitors' sites and make a matrix of keywords. GoogleAdwords, Key collector, Yandex.Wordstat and many other services can help with this. They will help you gather a semantic kernel. And ReText.AI service will help you to work with the data. The platform will help you to insert keywords into the text without loss of meaning. To do this you just need to go to the site to upload the draft text and configure the necessary parameters for text conversion.

9 E376 E1 F 02 E0 4428 8 F6 E E1 D67 D729380

If you need to compose a text by keywords, you need to identify the main idea and the context in which the material is presented, while focusing on the potential reader. "Crooked" queries are not liked by visitors to the site and are not "liked" by search engines. Ideally, you should use different types of occurrences, so that search engine algorithms can find the text for any user query. For example, this text about keywords contains about 10 keywords in different formats. Stick to these rules and learn how to properly embed keywords in your text.