November 16, 2022

Content and SEO: what texts to put on the site to improve visibility in search

Only a lazy entrepreneur hasn't made a website for his brand yet. But just paying contractors to design a site is not enough, you need to work well on the content as well. We tell you what sites to put on your site and how to write them correctly

  1. How the text on the page affects the position of the site
  2. How to use texts in promotion

You need useful, competent material for promotion. However, users and search engines have their own requirements for articles. Let's find out how to please both readers and search engines at the same time.

How the text on the page affects the position of the site

When promoting an information site, four criteria are taken into account: quality, usefulness, optimization, and structure of the portal. The following indicators depend on the content:

  1. User involvement. The usefulness of the text, the number of articles on the portal, clear navigation are important. Readers can add articles to bookmarks, move from one page of the resource to another. Search engines read these actions and believe that since the visitors are interested in the resource, it should be shown in search results more often.
  2. External links. The user can share the liked material in social networks or leave a link on forums and blogs. Search engines take external links into account and raise the resource in the ranking.
  3. Revenue. The more useful content that meets search engine criteria, the more traffic and revenue will be generated.

How to use texts in promotion

Content is promoted in two ways: on site or through third-party resources.


The basis of optimization and promotion is the compilation of the semantic core for the resource, as well as the SEO analysis of texts. The kernel is a list of keywords and LSI-phrases related in meaning to the main keys. Key words in the text are divided into groups. Then they are used to write articles and placed on the portal.

In addition to optimization, regularity of publications is important. Processing new material, search engines understand that the site is being updated, gives users new information. So it can be promoted in the ranking.

External resources

SEO texts are not promoted by search engines immediately: it will take 3-6 months or more. Therefore it is possible to create publications for third-party sites. They post the material and leave in it an external link to the desired site.

Quality text from a search engine perspective

Search engines rate articles based on the following criteria:

  • No overspamming. Spamming with keywords will lead to blocking or reduction of position in search results. To check the article nausea (keyword spamming) you can use online services:, ISTIO, Turgenev, Advego.

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  • Benefit and meaning. Low quality text will lead to the outflow of users and lowering in search results. The article should be easy, interesting to read. To do this you need to follow the structure: make small paragraphs, headings, numbered, bulleted lists. When writing it is better not to use complex structures, unnecessary words. Check the quality of texts can be done with the services Glavred and Turgenev.

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  • Absence of spelling, punctuation errors. Basic tool - built-in check in Word. Online services:, Advego, Yandex Speller, Spellgrammerka.
  • Text uniqueness. Among the popular and free or partially free services, Etxt, Advego.

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You can also use the ReText.AI service to work with text. On it you can edit text using the available functions: summarizing, expanding and paraphrasing. On the platform you can get rid of "water", stamps and clichés, make your text more dynamic and readable. On the platform it is possible to use a synonymizer. All this will help to increase the percentage of texts read to the end, which is an important indicator in SEO-promotion.

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