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December 27, 2022

Formatting coursework according to GOST 2023 + sample

Article about how to properly design a term paper at once, and not to run redo it 100500 times

Earlier we have already written about how to write a term paper quickly. Now let's figure out how to write it correctly.

  1. General requirements for coursework
  2. How to make a cover page: sample
  3. How to design the content
  4. Main text of the term paper
  5. How to draw up a reference list: an example
  6. Formatting of appendices in the term paper according to GOST 2023
  7. How to make formulas according to GOST
  8. Example of term paper design according to GOST 2023

General requirements for coursework

Formatting a term paper according to GOST 2023 is the final stage of the research work. It is designed to test many of the skills of the student and it must meet strict design requirements. Student paper is made in hard copy (some institutions allow handwritten versions) on A4 format sheets or electronically. Before you begin the design you need to set the margins: 3 cm on the left, 2 cm on the bottom and top of the sheet and 1 cm on the right.

General design parameters:

  1. clear structure of the work with an introduction, chapters, paragraphs, conclusion, list of references and appendices;
  2. the number of pages, not including appendices, depends on the topic of the paper. It should exceed 25;
  3. Thetext is printed on one side of the paper with Times New Roman font size 14, spaced 1.5 (in the table it is allowed to use the size 10-12 and spacing 1.0);
  4. red line indent 1,25;
  5. page numbering is placed in the lower central part of the sheet. The font is Times New Roman, type size 12;
  6. the colour of the document is auto (black). Charts, diagrams, tables can be highlighted in a different color, but it is better to put such structural elements in the appendix.

The references given at the end of the paper are obligatory components of the term paper. For each title should contain a footnote in the work. GOST 2023 allows two versions of footnotes - sub-page and within the text. The first are designed font of the main text, but with a size of 10. References within the text are given in square brackets []. Indicates the number of the source from the reference list and the page from which the material was taken.

An obligatory element of the work is a unique and beautiful text. Youcan compose it yourself, or you can entrust it to special services, such as ReText.AI.

How to make a cover page: sample

The title page is an obligatory part of the coursework. An example of the design is shown in the figure.


The title page is the first sheet and contains an indication of:

  1. the receiving educational institution (centre at the top of the sheet);
  2. the indication to the chair;
  3. the discipline and topic of the paper (center of the sheet);
  4. the author of the paper and the teacher (left-align);
  5. the year of preparation of the coursework indicating the city of the institution.

The sheet is included in the general numbering, but it is not numbered. You can see how to make a title page on the website of any educational institution.

How to design the content

Table of contents or table of contents includes a plan of chapters and paragraphs, which are disclosed in the main part of the coursework. For content design there are special Word tools that allow you to make a beautiful, smooth plan of the future work.

To use the tool, in Word, go to References, click Table of Contents, and choose Auto Table of Contents. When you continue working with the text, any corrections to the headings will automatically be reflected in the contents sheet.

Content design: basic settings

  • The word "CONTENTS" is placed in the upper central part of the page and is written in capital letters without bold or underlining;
  • The following outline of the text is written through a single line indent: introduction, chapters and paragraphs of the main part, conclusion, list of references and annexes;
  • the main structural elements are in capital letters.

Another requirement for the correctness of the content is the correspondence of the indicated pages to the actual content of the work.

Main text of the term paper

The main part of the text is subdivided into chapters. These are structural elements that imply division into smaller units - paragraphs. The name of the chapter is written in capital letters in the center of the page. Paragraphs are named in the font of the main text and are aligned by width.

The main text of the term paper is designed as follows:

  • The paragraph should be at least 3 pages long;
  • at least 2 references to sources should be placed on each page of the theoretical part of the paper;
  • Each chapter begins on a new page, as do the introduction, conclusion, list of sources and appendices.

Tables according to GOST 2023 are designed in the table editor. To create tabular material, you can go to the tab "Insert" and select "Insert table". The header of the graphical material must specify the number of the table and its name. If the table occupies more than 2/3 of a sheet, it is moved to the appendix.

Figures, diagrams are signed at the bottom of the material in the center. The figure shows the correct layout of the distribution chart.


All graphic material should be equal in width and occupy not more than one third of the page. Text must be placed between graphic elements of the work.

How to draw up a reference list: an example

The list of used sources and literature must contain at least 25 titles. Requirements for the list:

  • includes sources from three groups: legal acts, textbooks and articles, and Internet publications;
  • foreign language sources may be included;
  • literature must not be older than 5 years;
  • all normative acts should be given with the dates of latest amendments and with references to the reference legal system Consultant Plus or Garant.

The list of sources is usually subject to the most stringent requirements. How to make a reference list is described below:

  • Description of the normative-legal act: Civil Code of the Russian Federation (GK RF) of November 30, 1994 N 51-FZ // СПС "Consultant Plus". Mode of access: []. Date of access: 22.12.2022;
  • Article design: Belyanskaya T.E., Gridneva E.A. Religion and Psychology: Two Paths to Truth / T.E. Belyanskaya, E.A. Gridneva // Trends in the Development of Science and Education. - 2021. - No 69-5. - С. 88-90;
  • Internet source indication: Pavlenko V.N. The problem of the origin of religion in the mirror of psychology: from the classics to the contemporaries. Access mode []. Date of access: 22.12.2022.

Normative acts are listed in the order of their importance:

  1. Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  2. Codes;
  3. Federal Laws;
  4. Presidential Decrees;
  5. other acts.

Literature sources are arranged in alphabetical order. Russian-language textbooks and articles are listed first, followed by sources of foreign origin in the original language.

Formatting of appendices in the term paper according to GOST 2023

The appendix is an important component of the coursework. They carry reference material, large tables, graphics, outlines, etc. Each appendix should be referred to in the text of the work in the following format: see Appendix 1.

Algorithm of action:

  • In the center of the sheet following the list of sources, place the word "ANNEXES". Numbered material begins on the next page;
  • Annexes may be numbered in capital letters or numbers. The caption "Appendix No." is aligned on the left side;
  • if the material takes more than one page, the inscription "Continuation of Appendix No." should be placed on the next page.

At the end of the work you can put the material in album and book formats, as well as sheets of other scale - A3, A2. Appendices are numbered serially, as well as the entire work. Formatting of appendices in the term paper in accordance with GOST does not imply limitation of volume.

How to make formulas according to GOST

Some term papers require formulas. According to State Standard, this material is typed in a mathematical editor. To insert it, click "Insert" - "Formula". Each example is numbered sequentially throughout the work. Example formula in the course work:


Example of term paper design according to GOST 2023

The final step is to prepare the study for submission to the teacher. Although there are unified requirements, each university has the right to set its own parameters to the coursework. Ingeneral , the sample design can be presented as follows:

  • title page;
  • content;

Пример Курс

  • design of the main part with the arrangement of references to literature sources and numbering of formulas (intra-text references are given in the figure);Ссылки
  • The design of the list of references;
  • preparation of applications.

Thus , the design of term paper according to GOST 2023 includes several stages. To simplify the work it is better to read the recommendations to the general form of the document before the study. This will immediately make the correct design and save time on the last stage of preparation.