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September 15, 2022

Top 10 ways to increase the uniqueness of the text and bypass Antiplagiat

Let's find out how to bypass Antiplagiat and whether to do it. We look for effective ways to improve the uniqueness of your work.

Antiplagiat was invented specifically to torment students. You get a term paper topic, and your supervisor is already rubbing his hands together and preparing to fail you with a bang. Of course, this is not true, but the picture is horrible, you have to admit.

Most often teachers use the program "Antiplagiat University" to check for borrowings. Major universities also have their own databases of academic papers. In general, the mouse will not slip through...and the student will survive))

Citations, terms, and formulas that require rules usually take up more than half of the paper's length. And here's how, you ask, to improve the uniqueness of the text, if there is no room for maneuver. In this article, let's try to find working methods. Let's go!


  1. How to check text for plagiarism for free
  2. Top 10 ways to increase text uniqueness and bypass Antiplagiat
  3. Which uniqueness enhancement techniques definitely don't work
  4. Conclusions and food for thought

How to check text for plagiarism for free

  • ETXT
  • ADVEGO Plagiatus
  • Text.RU
  • Anti-plagiarism

These text uniqueness checking services are considered to be the most meticulous and reliable. Keep in mind that their algorithms are different, and therefore the check results will differ. For example, ETXT will estimate the uniqueness of 60%, while ADVEGO Plagiatus will show 95%. Therefore it is worth to run the written work through several platforms, and bring to the maximum result for each.

By the way, don't forget to save the initial text! You can go back to it and start your work all over again if you get completely confused while trying to uniqueize your term paper or essay.

One more note: if your work contains a lot of tables and formulas, it is better to place them as screenshots or illustrations. Otherwise, Anti-Plagiarism may take the information as duplicated from other sources. And to decipher the text from an image, the program does not yet know how. Use it!

Top 10 ways to increase text uniqueness and bypass Antiplagiat

In-depth text rewriting

- rewriting in other words. You can rewrite not the entire text, but only fragments that are highlighted as plagiarism. This is the most effective way not to get caught. The only disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time.

Help from a friend

The human element in a good way. Ask someone to read your term paper and retell it aloud. Record, preferably on a dictaphone, so people are not confused with his thoughts. The result will get the text with a good percentage of uniqueness. Of course, will have to refine.

Rolling sentences

Refers to compound and compound sentences, which can easily be broken down into two semantic parts and swapped. Just make sure the main point is retained.

Adding synonyms and epithets

- Replace frequently used words with words of similar meaning. Remember that even synonyms need to be chosen wisely, not just those you find on Google. Check if it fits the context. Epithets can embellish the text and add emotion. But it is not a fact that they are suitable for a strict scientific style of presentation.

Paraphrasing online with artificial intelligence

Not perfect, but close to it smart copywriting service works ReText.AI.. You insert the text, click "Paraphrase", wait a couple of seconds and you get a revised version. Percent uniqueness is calculated in the right margin at the bottom. Be sure to double-check and correct.

Retext 15.09

Translation of text to and from other languages

The trick is that when you translate a text from Russian, its structure changes. But from a foreign language to Russian, it does not. That is, after such a double translation, you can get a significantly paraphrased text. By the way, if you are a polyglot, it is better to select information from foreign sources and translate it. Anti-plagiarism services usually look for matches only on the Russian-speaking Internet.

Changing shingles

A shingle is a sequence of a certain number of words in a text. If you change one word, the whole chain will change, and the percentage of originality will increase. It is important to remember that any word can be the beginning of a new shingle or the end of the previous one. This method is useful if you want to make a whole paragraph non-original. If you change 1-2 words in a phrase, you can change almost all of the shingles. And so increase uniqueness.

Adding parasite words

Correspondingly, unconditionally, directly, generally, practically, in principle... and many similar universal words with which you can dilute the text almost without looking - they fit everywhere in terms of meaning. It is entertainment for humanitarians. It is important not to overdo it.

Synonymizing with the help of special Internet services

This method is suitable for processing small fragments of text, individual sentences. If you try to pass an entire abstract through the synonymizer, you will get a completely unique unreadable nonsense.


Replacing Russian letters with similar Latin or Greek letters

Old as the world. It's based on the fact that the anti-plagiarism agency will accept the text as original when it encounters unfamiliar letters. Do not dare to resort to this method - anti-plagiarism is more than 10 years old and has learned to recognize such pranks.

Which uniqueness enhancement techniques definitely do not work

  • Swapping places of sentence members
  • Reordering paragraphs or sentences
  • Replacing letters with Latin or Greek
  • Combining short sentences or dividing complex sentences into simple ones
  • Synonymizing whole paragraphs of text
  • Changing and adding punctuation marks
  • Using white for characters added to the text
  • Using services to improve text uniqueness

I should add that most text uniqueness enhancement programs are based just on methods that don't work.

Conclusions and food for thought

In this article we have compiled the Top 10 ways to increase the originality of a term paper or an essay and bypass Antiplagiat. Named and unworkable techniques from the last century. Tipped services where you can check the text for free on the uniqueness. But...

It is clear that we do not always write essays and term papers for our own development. More often - for teachers and for an assessment. Be that as it may, think about whether it's worth the risk of copying someone else's text. Get caught and fail easier than you think. And punish such sins are serious - from loss of reputation to expulsion. At best, the supervisor will reject you. And this means, at a minimum, to write all over again.