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September 13, 2022

How to write the main part of the essay and bypass Anti-Plagiarism

How to write and design the main part of the essay, to bypass the anti-plagiarism and not to spend half your life on it

We have already talked about Formatting of the abstract according to GOST-2022: requirements of universities and instructions for students. In this article we will consider the nuances of working on the main part of the essay. There are usually a lot of questions: what to write? And how to write? Let's go in order.


  1. What is the main body of an abstract?
  2. Division into chapters of the main body of the abstract
  3. Contents of the chapters in the main body of the abstract
  4. Length of the main body of the abstract
  5. How to write the main body of the essay
  6. How to draw the main part of the essay according to State Standard
  7. How to increase text originality in Anti-Plagiarism

What is the main body of an abstract?

Writing the main part is the main stage of work on the essay. You will analyze a lot of information, study the theory, back it up with practice and draw your own conclusions about the problem.

By the way, don't confuse an abstract with a report. Do you know what the difference is? For a report, 3-5 information sources are enough, and for an abstract you have to push up to 10.

Division into chapters of the main body of the abstract

In order not to confuse yourself and not to confuse the supervisor, divide the main part of the essay into chapters and paragraphs. Optimally - from two to four sections. You can and more if the topic is extensive and requires deep analysis. Most importantly, do not forget to make the content of the essay so that it was clear and understandable to reflect the division of work on the meaning.

Soderjanie Referata

Chapters of the main body are divided into paragraphs to make it easier for you to follow your thoughts and to see how logically and coherently you develop your topic.

Contents of the chapters in the main body of the abstract

Why to divide it into chapters and paragraphs, we have understood. But it turns out that this is not a mere formality. There is a meaningful meaning as well.

We build up the sections sequentially - from theory to practice:

  1. The first chapter is theory. Here it is worth to write, what information on the topic of the essay you have collected and why you have chosen this particular direction in the work. Evaluate how well the topic has been studied by other researchers, including foreign ones. Describe what methods you have chosen to achieve the stated goals and objectives.
  2. The second chapter is analytics. Here you will have an in-depth analysis of the subject and object of your research. To make everything look logical, break down the problem into its component parts and describe each of them separately. Support it with practical experiments, calculations. Make intermediate conclusions.
  3. The third chapter is practice. Here we dive headfirst into the data from the second, analytical, chapter. Detail it, systematize it in graphs and tables. Describe the difficulties you encountered during your work.

Warning. A common mistake is to confuse cause and effect. Carefully follow the logic of the presentation. If it makes it easier for you, write a small conclusion at the end of each chapter. Begin a new chapter with a clean slate.

Length of the main body of the abstract

There is no exact answer to how many pages to write an essay. It all depends on the chosen/issued topic. Let's think about it: the standard abstract is 15-25 pages. Subtract the introduction, conclusion and references, and remains from 12 to 22 pages on the main part. Maximum - 30. If more, it is already a term paper turns out.

And vice versa, if you have already written and formatted everything, but the volume still falls short, you don't need to dilute it with insignificant phrases. The teacher will quickly notice the extra water and send you to rewrite it. So the only way out is to deepen the main part. Add more examples, look for additional arguments.

How to write the main body of the essay

Let's move on. Here we have collected uncomplicated tips on how to write the main part of the abstract correctly:

  • make an outline of the essay - it should be as clear as possible
  • Identify keywords to search for information
  • Find relevant literature and sources on the Internet
  • work on the draft first.
  • try to write in a scientific style.
  • Make footnotes and references to sources as you go along
  • Quote correctly, citing the source is compulsory.
  • follow the logic and the facts, arguments have to be tough
  • conducting fact-checking - clarifying the reliability of information and facts
  • check the spelling. One more time. Now you can write a clean slate
  • Refine the content of the abstract, check the structure and section titles
  • check abstract title page layout

The abstract is an independent work, but it is controlled. And this should be used. Do not avoid communication with the supervisor - he will help you to build the structural elements of the essay, advise which sources are quoted in your field and agree on a work plan. With such support you will feel more confident and will be able to move calmly and systematically to the goal on a clearly laid route.

How to draw the main part of the essay according to State Standard

To properly design the main part in the abstract, study GOST 7.32-2017 and the guidelines of the university. Recommendations of your university may differ from the state standard, but they are the ones that take precedence.

Standard rules for the design of the abstract:

  • Times New Roman 12 or 14 point font
  • line spacing 1.5
  • margins: right and top - 1.5 cm; left - 2.5 cm; bottom - 3 cm.

Chapters and paragraphs are indicated by Arabic numerals. A dot at the end of the titles is not necessary. Paragraphs are numbered twice: the first digit refers to the chapter number; the second, separated by a full stop, refers to the paragraph number in order. Example below.

Sample of the main body of the abstract

How to increase text originality in Anti-Plagiarism

It doesn't matter where you study. You've definitely been intimidated by anti-plagiarism. Even a small snippet of text borrowed can cost you credit.

How to increase the originality of text in Anti-Plagiarism:

  • the most effective way is to paraphrase text online using the artificial intelligence
  • synonymizing - replacing individual words with synonyms.
  • manual rewriting of the original - rewriting the text in your own words
  • Shingle change - change the sequence of words in a sentence
  • alphabetization
  • restructure complex sentences from the end

As a result of such manipulations, the index of originality increases. But teachers live in the same world with us and know how to recognize all these tricks.

Try the service ReText.AI.. You add the original text on the left, click "Paraphrase", and in a few seconds the artificial intelligence will paraphrase the text online. By clicking on "Uniqueness" you will get the result in percent.

It remains to tweak the resulting text.

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Good luck with your studies! We will continue to write about how to make student life a little more enjoyable.