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February 21, 2023

16 ways to bypass anti-plagiarism and increase the originality of the text in 2023

Recommendations on how to bypass anti-plagiarism and increase the originality of the text. 16 effective ways in 2023. Read the ReText.AI blog

1. Where is the anti-plagiarism system used?

2. Ways to bypass the anti-plagiarism system and improve the originality of the diploma, coursework, essays in 2023.

3. Methods of text uniqueness that do not work in 2023

4. How to check essay, term paper, thesis for plagiarism online

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Every instructor has access to the Internet and is just as eager to accuse a student of shamelessly downloading someone else's work. All for checking is the program "Anti-Plagiarism.Vuz", which seems to be able to find all the invented problems of uniqueness of the text. What should a student do if he or she does not want to waste time and money on writing a paper, but just meet from the Internet and get "excellent"?

Away with doubts and poisoning! In this article you will learn about the most important ways to bypass anti-plagiarism and increase the originality of your text.

Where is the anti-plagiarism system used?

The anti-plagiarism system is used in educational institutions and when obtaining custom-made texts.

Antiplagiarism is a special system that draws texts for uniqueness. The score is given as a percentage. If your text is completely original, you are 100% effective. In other words, the program reveals whether the text was copied or not.

The official service is A little later "Antiplagiarism.Vuzuz" appeared, which was used exclusively by teachers of educational institutions.

Ways to bypass the anti-plagiarism system and improve the originality of the diploma, coursework, essays in 2023

The more relevant the case study, the harder it will be to find a paper. Most of the writings are already found on the Internet and are found in themselves: citations, tables, formulas, and conclusions. So the student only has to insert his or her own inferences, which he or she comes to during the research process.

It is possible to choose a topical topic, but then the question arises: "Where to gather new and high-quality information. In addition, not all teachers discover new sources and mines to work from.

We've rounded up 16 of the Internet's best friends and we're ready to share it with you.

  • Paraphrasing text with a neural network for uniqueness

The easiest and fastest way is the Swiss neuronet, which rewrites the work and will increase the uniqueness of courses, diplomas or essays.

I offer the service of paraphrasing ReText.AI All you need is to upload the text and set the "paraphrase" option. Then the artificial intelligence will do the job in a matter of minutes.


  • In-depth text rewrite for uniqueness

The most obvious way to bypass the anti-plagiarism committee is to rewrite the work in your own words. In this case you will get an honest score. Although bypassing Anti-Plagiarism.University also recognizes this as unacceptable.

Selects non-unique paragraphs of his text, which the service considers plagiarism, and rewrites the topic of thought, but in his own words. Try to remove turns of phrase, replace words with synonyms and emphasize the main points.

This method takes quite a lot of time, so we still offer you Professional paraphrasing service Retext.AI

  • Adding synonyms and epithets to cheat anti-plagiarism

Try to match synonyms. This will help you add 5-10% to the uniqueness of the text. Do not change the order of words in sentences, it is enough to change the word.

You can adjust the smart synonymizer, so you do not break your head over synonyms, and just choose from a drop-down list any suggested option from the neural network.

2023 02 16

With tables and formulas, things are much more complicated. In this case, no synonyms or epithets are used.

  • Using automatic transfers

With this method you can slightly increase the uniqueness of the text. However, this is a good technique if you only need to tweak your term paper or diploma.

Set up automatic word-forwarding in a Microsoft Word document. How to do this is shown below:

2023 02 16 (1)

It turns out that some of the words are sort of cut off, which allows them to be perceived as a medium.

  • The shingle method as a way to bypass anti-plagiarism

The shingle method is a popular way to bypass anti-plagiarism. Its essence is the following: what number of words will be obtained as a result in the text. The shingle method is the basis of most uniqueness checkers.

By changing one word in this chain, you change the original level of the text. If the system "Anti-Plagiarism.University" believes that your paragraph is not unique - try to change the sequence of words. Thus, all shingles are changed and will raise the uniqueness of the text.

  • Translation to and from another language

A very popular method for all students of the 21st century. When translating, the structure and composition of the text of the sentences are changed, thereby increasing the originality of the course or thesis. But it should be remembered that this method still will not give a high percentage of uniqueness of the text.

So it will be great if you find a source of information in a foreign language, as the service most often searches for plagiarism in Russian-language sources.

  • Replacing Cyrillic characters with Latin ones

Note immediately that the new anti-plagiarism services recognize letter substitutions. Old versions, on the other hand, are not able to do this. That is why the version of Anti-Plagiarism.University is installed in the upcoming educational institution. If the old version is used, don't even service it and don't waste your time.

  • Changing frequently repeated words

If you are working on a ready-made feature set, check for repeated words. Replace them with synonyms, epithets, or other terms. But remember that they must be covered by the overall style of the text and fit the meaning.

  • Replacing the formula and scheme with pictures

It is almost impossible to replace the formula and circuits. Aren't you inventing a new radiation formula to increase the uniqueness of your work? Of course not. So put them on the work in the form of pictures or screenshots. Anti-plagiarism reads only the text, it will not be able to read a picture.

  • Change in supply

Try to change the order of the words in the sentence. Put the end at the beginning and vice versa. Here we are talking about compound and compound sentences. It happens that it is enough to swap parts of a sentence to increase the uniqueness of the text.

For example:

The taste of the pie, and the apples are not yet ripe.

The apples are not ripe yet, and so starving.

  • The use of parasitic words in scientific work

Everyone's vocabulary contains words that can be competently implemented in your term paper or thesis for the original text by yourself.

For example, you can use the word "specifically" in your paper. It fits the meaning of almost any word and fits perfectly in the scientific style of a term paper or dissertation.

The main thing is not to overdo it, because the text overloaded phrase-parasites is very difficult to convey the main meaning of the scientific work. And this can play a cruel joke with you during the review.

  • Help from the outside

Ask your significant other who understands the subject to retell the material on the topic on display. Then write down his or her thoughts. This is a rather long method that takes a lot of time, but at least you know the outside opinion on your topic and will gloss over your concerns on defense.

  • Rearrange paragraphs

A very old method that will help you bypass the anti-plagiarism. It is enough just to swap paragraphs. But read the information more carefully, because the meaning of the occupation must remain.

  • Rearrangement of sentences in a paragraph

Read the text more carefully and change the place of the sentences so that the main course or thesis does not change. This method allows you to add a unique text, but it can also mercilessly count down all the semantic load on an entire fragment. So be careful.

  • Citation

It is very common for scientific papers to use quotations from scientists or other great people. in Important citation put quotation marks the maximum number of quotations .If the anti-plagiarism system has such a quote, it will not count as plagiarism. But of course, there is a downside. If there is no such citation in the anti-plagiarism memory, then it will be counted as plagiarism. 1-2 points of originality and importance. So there is no need to talk about it.

  • Delete unnecessary

A good way if you have enough pages to turn in your paper. A small paragraph, which has no meaningful connection, can be removed. The percentage of uniqueness will be increased. Although, of course, it will be better if you replace the deleted fragment with self-written text.

Text uniqueness methods that don't work in 2023

Find out the version of anti-plagiarism in the near future. A version newer than 2017 will find these old workarounds:

  1. Replacing Cyrillic characters with Latin ones. If you use this method, the system may generate a "Suspicious Document" sign;
  2. A large number of literary turns, epithets and introductory words;
  3. Replacing Synonyms. This method cannot work alone. If you choose them Revolution, then do a paraphrase rarely in paragraphs;
  4. Rearrange sentence paragraphs. Remember about shingles. The program is important for your work, not for location;
  5. Combining and disconnecting sentences. This method won't work either. Don't even wait and don't waste your time;
  6. Changing punctuation marks. The program "Anti-Plagiarism.University" does not care about commas, dots, buses, colons, etc. It only reads words.
  7. Inserting invisible words into a research paper. Some people think that if you write something and paint over that white color, it will be invisible. But it won't. Moreover, when copying, even the white color will be visible. So do not get on the teacher's nerves unnecessarily, otherwise someone will go to the retake.

Хим Опасен Копи Паста

How to check essay, term paper, thesis for plagiarism online

After you have successfully written your work, you need to check the text for plagiarism. You can do this in the service ReText.AI This is a mandatory action, necessary for confirmation to be ready for defense or confirmation of the work.


Don't get upset if you don't succeed the first time. Evaluate again and you will achieve that percentage of uniqueness that you dream of.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check essay, term paper, diploma for plagiarism online?

You can check your work in Retext.Ai service. Our service uses the latest anti-plagiarism technologies, so to pass the check independently on the site is equal to pass the check in the educational institution.

What should I do if I fail the anti-plagiarism test?

Be sure to check your work for plagiarism before submitting it. If you can not reach the percentage of uniqueness of the text, use methods of increasing the originality.

How to increase the originality of the text in the anti-plagiarism 2023?

  1. Paraphrase the text with Retext.AI.
  2. Select synonyms for words from the list on Retext.AI.
  3. Change the sentences from the end. Swap out the parts in the compound sentences.
  4. Use parasitic words. For example, the word "specifically" can add to your percentage of uniqueness.

Are there legitimate ways to increase the uniqueness of the text for anti-plagiarism?

Yes, there is:

  1. Complete rewrite of the text.
  2. Replacing words with synonyms.

Only these two are legitimate. It would be better, of course, if you write about the job yourself. But rewriting text is not illegal.

What methods of source text are better not to use?

  1. Replacing the letters with Latin letters.
  2. Rearrangement of words in a sentence.
  3. Rearrangement of paragraphs or sentences.
  4. Inserting invisible words into text.
  5. The use of anti-plagiarism systems that are used in the future educational process.
  6. Replacing punctuation marks.

In 2023, you can use the ReText.AI neural network-based service to bypass anti-plagiarism and increase originality.