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October 21, 2022

What kind of texts are needed to promote an online store? What and how to write about?

How to write sales texts? How to fill the pages of the site? What rules should be followed.

  1. Requirements for texts on the online store's website
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Optimization of header texts
  4. Readability
  5. Which e-shop pages need good texts and what to write about
  6. Home Page
  7. "About Company" page
  8. Categories and subcategories page
  9. Product page

A successful sale of a product is impossible without a good, unique and optimized text. This can be an advertisement as well as a classic "Buy" inscription on an interactive button. But most of the orders copywriters and master writers receive from online stores and commercial niches.

The content of the online shop is selected on the basis of the number of pages, which may be as many as 100 or 100 thousand. The text on each of them should be readable, literate, optimized and unique. Today Runet offers many online stores to choose from, so there is always work for the masters of the writing genre.

What kinds of texts offer the copywriter online store, according to what rules are the texts for different pages of the site, what the requirements are for the text materials for the trading platforms on the Internet? Let's look into it.

Requirements for texts on the online store's website

Writing texts for online stores is conducted according to established rules and requirements. These include uniqueness, readability and optimization.


The uniqueness or originality of the text is an important criterion when preparing information or advertising materials for online stores. There are special verification programs on the web which confirm that the material belongs to the author. High uniqueness parameters confirm authorship and allow publishing the work.

Plagiarism - non-unique part of the text material borrowed from other sources. From the legal point of view this variant is considered to be theft of someone else's intellectual work. In publications for online shops a certain percentage of plagiarism is allowed that is not punished in any way.

Strict requirements are imposed on the uniqueness of published content. If the publication is not highly original, it will be removed from the site. The site on which it has been posted is subject to blocking by search engines.

Only original articles with uniqueness of 95-100% are allowed to be published online. The maximum permissible variant of plagiarism for online store sites is 5%.

Improving uniqueness is a tedious and tedious task. It usually takes more time than writing the text itself. Various online platforms can help in solving this problem. One such platform is the online service ReText.AI. It allows you to create unique texts you want the volume and style without using clichés and clericalisms. To do this, you just need to go to the site to insert your text and select the paraphrasing level, like in the picture:

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Optimizing headers and text

SEO-optimization of titles and text is an important tool that increases the clickability of the article as a whole. It increases the competitiveness of the material and serves as an advertising tool for online store pages.

The header must be unique and contain a key phrase. Requirements are imposed to its length. It is desirable that it was not too short (up to 10 characters). But a long title with more than 70 symbols is also not necessary, because the system cuts it off and a person sees only part of the information.


Readability of the text is another criterion that should be paid attention to when preparing the material. It implies ease of perception of information by an ordinary user.

You can make the text readable by following a few universal rules.

  1. Having a unique headline. The headline is considered to be an effective tool to increase users' interest in the material.
  2. Typeface type. Font style and size also matter to the reader. It is believed that text formats with serifs (Georgia, Times New Roman) impair the readability of the entire text. They are suitable only for tangible media, for Internet texts, it is better to use a sans serif font (Arial, Calibri, etc.). Try not to use more than 2 fonts in the text. This will only create "dirt" in the material and make it difficult for users to perceive.
  3. Selecting a font size. The most popular text font sizes are 12 and 14 pt. In modern publishing houses the size of the text font is defined in 2 ways: percentage and fixation on a certain level (usually from 18 to 22 pt). A large font increases readability and ensures comfortable perception of the text for visually impaired visitors.
  4. Exclusion of upper case. This technique is considered by net ethics to be ugly. The reader sees it as an excessive emotional nuance that discourages any desire to read the text.
  5. Alternating short and long sentences. This technique improves the readability of the text by several times. In addition, the user can focus his attention on important details.
  6. Quotes. Thanks to them the reader concentrates on important parts of the text. There are several tools for highlighting text fragments. This - bold or bold, italics, underlining. Do not make bold entire paragraphs - search engines do not like it. Use italics for quotations or direct speech. Underscores are good for highlighting links in the text. Use it only in exceptional cases. Remember - the text is written for people, not for search engines.
  7. The presence of paragraphs. Continuous text is difficult to comprehend. It is difficult for users to structure information. The first 1000 characters should necessarily include a brief introduction, to familiarize the reader with the purpose of the publication, its relevance and possibility of using it in certain areas of life. The optimal length of the text intended for a wide audience should be 8-20 thousand characters. This length is well perceived when read and analyzed by search engines.
  8. The use of lists. This greatly simplifies the perception of information. But it is desirable to have at least 7 items in it.
  9. Proofreading before submission. Evaluate the finished and formatted text from the reader's point of view. Particular attention should be paid to those paragraphs that you do not want to read to the end. Fracture large text fragments into smaller parts. Analyze the highlighted word combinations. Do they convey the meaning of the article, or take the reader away from the essence of the material? Check for annoying components in the text, ornate phrases, fonts and incorrect wording.

Which online store pages need good texts and what to write about?

Every online store is a set of pages containing some information. For example:

  • About Us/ About Company
  • Payment and delivery
  • Home
  • Jobs
  • Categories and subcategories
  • Offer

When creating a site it is worth choosing only those sections that are suitable for you. The main purpose of the pages of the online store is to show the reader a reference point, to direct him to the right information department, to show the benefits.

Home Page

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The homepage text of the online store takes on the functions of a sales assistant. She successfully performs the following tasks:

  1. customer orientation on the site;
  2. forms a positive opinion of the company;
  3. is pushing to buy.

What does the reader and client of an online store expect from the homepage? Answers to all their questions, of course. The copywriter is obliged to give them in his text material.

An example of the online store description textis shown in the image below.

"About Company" page

The About page is of interest to readers in several categories:

  • customers who are hesitant about their choice;
  • applicants for vacant positions;
  • possible partners.

Page "About us" is an ideal platform for presentation of company's advantages. On it you can write the following information - the period when the company is on the market, the number of branches, cities of location, participation in competitions, awards, values and mission, information about employees.

Texts in the form of storytelling are well read. Here the site manager or first-person specialists tell the story of the company's development.

An example of the text in the online store from the "About" section:

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Categories and subcategories page

The number of categories and subcategories on the sites of online stores can be counted in tens and even hundreds. For example, the text for an online clothing store focuses on the following subcategories:

  • children's clothing (T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts);
  • Men's clothing (shirts, T-shirts, suits, sweatshirts, jackets and coats);
  • Women's clothing (dresses, blouses, skirts, suits);
  • shoes (boots, sandals, boots, sneakers, flip-flops, flip-flops).

Texts for categories and subcategories of an online store are considered one of the most difficult to write. Copywriters often make the mistake of creating banal material. A typical example of a bad product category description is presented in the picture below.

Product page

The page or product card takes on advertising functions. When the buyer looks at it, he makes a decision about buying the product or goes to a competitor for it. The text for the product pages should be persuasive and succinct. The copywriter works with objections, and also gives comprehensive answers to the customer's questions.

Texts for the goods online store must have a certain volume (500-1000 characters). Filling out the product page involves the work of a copywriter with the following elements of the card:

  • Name;
  • Description (useful characteristics of the product, ways of use, advantages);
  • triggers to "catch" the reader's attention (free shipping, availability, number of reviews).

Many online stores are not the manufacturers of the products they offer to customers. They buy goods from the same suppliers. Therefore the price, photos and other characteristics are the same. Bonuses, promotional offers and gifts help to increase sales.

If you have written text and realize that it doesn't fit the volume, you can shorten it using the ReText.AI platform. You can also do the reverse function on the site - expand the text.

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Promotions and store news

The advertising text of an online store can and should be supplemented with advantageous offers. Promotions and news are a section of the site that will always be of interest to the buyer. What does the online site live on? What products will be added to the catalog soon? Will the prices of specific product categories change? What promotional offers and discounts will start soon? All relevant information should be present in the text for this section.