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October 21, 2022

How to write texts for Wildberries and Ozon cards. Literate copywriting when describing products on marketplaces.

Let's figure out how to fill out product cards on marketplaces correctly. What are the features of such texts? How do you write text that makes the product easy to find in searches?

  1. What should be the ideal text for the marketplace 
  2. Why and how to optimize the text for the marketplace
  3. Selecting keywords
  4. Analysing demand
  5. How to fill out the product card correctly: text content
  6. How to write the name of the card
  7. How to fill in the product specifications
  8. How to make a product description


The largest Russian marketplaces are the doors to the world of e-commerce for entrepreneurs. But they are only wide open for those who care about promoting their products on these electronic platforms.

What an ideal text for a marketplace should be

Wildberries and Ozon are the two biggest Russian sites for e-commerce. It is profitable to sell your goods on both of them.

On both platforms the requirements for content, i.e. filling out the cards, are broadly the same. But there are also differences which need to be taken into account when working with the platforms.

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The main differences in content requirements are shown in the table above. Let's analyze them in more detail.

On Ozon there are specific requirements for the title. The name of the product with all the key words should take up no more than 255 symbols with spaces taken into account. But when filling out the card on the platform there are no restrictions.

On Wildberries the sellers have the freedom to be creative with the title - it is not limited by the number of characters. But the text content in the product card has to include a description of up to 1,000 characters, including spaces.

Optimal, suitable for the rules of good form, is the volume of the description of 500 to 1000 characters, including spaces. This volume is quite enough for a quality text. It is better to make the title no longer than 100 characters.

If you have written text and realize that it does not fit the volume, you can use the ReText.AI platform. It allows you to both reduce the text volume and increase it without loss of meaning.

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Both sites prohibit the use of profanity, links to third-party resources, misspelled text, and Caps Lock (except registered brand names). They also pay special attention to superlative adjectives such as best, most popular, etc.

There are no clear recommendations on the uniqueness of textual content on these sites. At least in the official directories. But it is tacitly accepted to place unique product content for marketplaces which takes into account the key queries of potential buyers.

Why and how to optimize text for the marketplace

There are two reasons to engage in creating unique, keyword-rich content:

  1. Wildberries text optimization и Ozon will increase the chances of search results for users who are searching for an item by query rather than by catalog.
  2. SEO-cards of Wildberries and Ozon merchandise are indexed by search engines and bring additional traffic to the marketplace - "hot" users looking for a particular product.

The photo shows an example of search results for a particular query. You can see that due to keywords the card is indexed by the systems along with other independent sites.

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When composing SEO-optimized texts, consider the following:

  • The headline should not only contain the name of the product, brand, but also key queries.
  • High-frequency queries should also be in the description. The search services of marketplaces, as well as the major online searchers, take into account all the data from the card - title, description, characteristics. Therefore keys can be included even in the attributes.

Selecting keywords

To compile SEO texts for marketplaces, you will need list of keywords. Use special services for this. For example, free Yandex.Wordstat.

It's easy to work with, everything is intuitive even for beginners.

  • Please check in.
  • Search for a query that interests you and see what keywords and phrases were the most frequent queries in the last month.
  • Use the most high-frequency combinations if you want to create marketing text for marketplaces.. Three to eight keys per text are sufficient, which are harmoniously blended into the overall canvas.

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Analyzing demand

Competent Wildberries card optimization и Ozon requires studying the demand for a product item on each of the marketplaces. To do this, enter the name of the item into the search bar and see what "prompts" the system offers.

Also, research competitors that appear under "searched with this product" or "similar products". See what keywords they use.

How to properly fill out a product card: text content

What is a product card? This is your online showcase. Here a potential buyer can examine the product in illustrations and find out all the information they are interested in - price, equipment, sizes, materials of manufacture, advantages, and much more. The user's choice largely depends on how fully and competently the card is filled out.

How to write the name of the card

The first thing a potential buyer sees is an illustration of the product, and the second is the title. After reading the title the user has to understand that he has found the right thing. That's why special attention needs to be paid to drafting the title.

In addition to limitations on the number of characters in the title, which are set by Ozon, there are other recommendations. For example, the title shouldn't contain synonyms, mistakes, substituting characters of one language for others. The system will automatically detect violations.

When writing the header, include the product category, brand name, and model. If possible, add colours or sizes. For specific product groups this will be relevant and help users find the item with specific characteristics.

Use keywords when composing your title. Opportunities to integrate them into the title depend on the site. For example, on Wildberries it's not uncommon to see keywords listed in the title. This won't work on Ozon - you need a logical, connected headline.

Creative names are not important, what matters is the essence. A person should immediately understand what kind of product is being offered to him. The headline must be consistent with the illustrations in the product card.

To simplify your work you can also use the ReText.AI service. To create the text you need, you just need to choose a ready-made product description text that is similar to yours and upload it to the site by selecting the paraphrasing function. Thus you will be able to get a unique text of the desired volume and character.

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How to fill in product specifications

Fill in all possible product specifications. This will make the promotion of Wildberries cards и Ozon more effective. The information that seems obvious and understandable to the seller by default may be unknown to the buyer. Specify both the main and additional characteristics of the product. This will allow a person to reach your products through the filter system.

How to write a product description

Buyers on marketplaces often ignore the descriptions in the product cards. This is the case when it comes to simple items, for example office supplies such as erasers, pens or others. But in some cases, goods simply need a detailed SEO-text for wildberrys or Ozon. It is importantThat a person receives from it a complete picture of the product, learn about its main characteristics and advantages. The more accurate and detailed will be product description on Ozon and Wildberries, the easier it will be for the consumer to make a decision.

Rules for writing descriptions:

  1. Texts for Wildberries and Ozon texts for Wildberries and Ozon should be informative. Keep the user in mind and present useful and necessary information without "water". Even the most beautifully composed text, which does not contain information about the characteristics of the product, its application, and other useful information, will not help in the sale.
  2. The writing language should be simple. Don't intimidate the potential customer with professional terminology and clever words. Tell in simple words about the product, its benefits and the benefits it will bring. Imagine that the text is read by a child. Will he understand what it says?
  3. Check the content for compliance with the rules of the Russian language - spelling, punctuation, and stylistics. There are special online services for this purpose.
  4. Optimize content. Wildberries SEO cardsas well as Ozon increase conversion rates on these marketplaces. When composing the description of a product, harmoniously incorporate keywords and queries. The online service ReText.AI can help you with this. On the platform you can get the text you need by simply filling in a few fields.
  5. Structure your content if you work on an Ozon site that allows the use of HTML markup. This will make the text visually easier to read.

When filling out the product card, remember both SEO-optimization and the potential customer. The more respect you show to him - by describing the product accurately, stating all its characteristics and advantages - the more chance you have of winning the trust of a new client, who may well become a regular.