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June 22, 2022

SEO-texts: why your site needs them and how to write them correctly

How to write SEO-texts and why we need them for the site

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the optimization or adaptation of a website to the search engine ranking principles. In other words, you fill your site with information that responds to specific search queries.

With the help of SEO optimization websites get to the first lines of the leading search engines.

Let's deal with it in order: let's look at the differences between SEO-texts and SEO-articles, let's analyze the tasks, the requirements for writing such texts, let's consider the criteria and rules for writing, and let's summarize.


  1. Differences between SEO text and SEO article
  2. Why your site needs SEO text
  3. SEO text requirements of search engines
  4. How to write SEO texts
  5. Criteria for a high quality SEO article
  6. Conclusions

Differences between SEO text and SEO article

First, let's define the difference in the concept of SEO text and SEO articles. Their main difference is different purposes. SEO text is used in the design of the website: in the information "about the company", in the section "goods", etc. Special words–triggers are added to these texts to encourage the reader to buy a product or service.

As for the SEO article, this is a more complex and voluminous format of work. An article can be published on various portals, attracting a greater number of potential clients. The aim of such an article is not just to provide information about a product or service, but to tell about the history of the company and its owner.

Why your website need SEO text

We've already touched on this topic a bit above, but let's elaborate a bit more. Imagine that you open a website to buy a product or service. The information on the website is the key to customer trust. What the company does, the history of its creation, its advantages and differences from its competitors.

Each text is designed to meet the needs of the target audience. It describes the content of the website, what services are presented and how to pay for goods. As you can see, promotion without SEO articles and SEO texts these days is virtually impossible.

Let's gather the main goals of SEO texts:

  • search engine compliance
  • website promotion and ranking at the top of search
  • building trust and brand loyalty among users
  • inducement to purchase a product or service

Let's look at an example of SEO text:

Ретекст Статья 2

Here is an example of not a natural occurrence of keywords. Such text would fall under filters or even a search engine ban. Now we will tell you how to write SEO text correctly.

SEO text requirements of search engines

Over the past few years, the algorithm of search engines has undergone radical changes. Now, in order to get to the top of the output it is not enough just to add the text with keywords, search engines have learned to evaluate the quality of the text.

For the oversampling of keywords in the text or low quality, you will not only not get to the top of extradition, but also receive a ban or fall under sanctions.

Let's take a look at what the leading search engines are now evaluating:

  • Does the text respond to the user's request?

Suppose a person in search of floor tiles, but your text has nothing to do with this query, only a large number of keywords. The search engine will not show this material defined as low–quality.

  • Does your text cover the topic?

If in the claimed text about the benefits of exercise in the morning you cover only the equipment that is sold in your online sports store — the topic is not covered. You won't get a ban for this, but you won't find high positions in the search results for this text either.

  • Adherence to narrative logic

Jumping from topic to topic will not go unnoticed either. It is advisable to build a clear plan of content, so as not to deviate from the stated topic.

  • Presence of spelling errors

Even adherence to the logic of presentation and disclosure of the subject will not save your text in the presence of spelling errors. Google itself is not special in the knowledge of Russian, so some errors may not notice, but with Yandex, this will not pass, and in the presence of errors in the text, it will lower your website in the line issuance.

  • Text uniqueness

The temptation to simply copy and paste high–quality content from another website is a frequent problem for novice businessmen and copywriters. Search engines do not approve of such actions, moreover, they quickly recognize plagiarism.

How to write SEO text

Let's look at the algorithm for writing SEO text:

  • Choice of topic

To begin with you need to upload a semantic core consisting of actual user queries.

For example, for a children's clothing store, the pages of the relevant section will have such queries added to them: "children's clothing to buy", "children's clothing store online" and so on.

The following programmes are used to fill websites: Yandex.Wordstat, Google Trends, Serpstat and others.

Use Yandex.Wordstat to form basic keywords:

Снимок Экрана 2022 06 21 В 12.22.49

There are special operators for working with this service, using them you can get additional data.

The quotation mark operator " "is for fixing the number of words. By entering the phrase in quotation marks you see the frequency of this query without taking into account other words:

Снимок Экрана 2022 06 22 В 13.28.52

Operator exclamation mark "! " this mark is placed before a word and fixes its ending. The statistics will show all word combinations with this word, not including other word forms:

Снимок Экрана 2022 06 22 В 13.32.57

Operator "+ " to fix stop words. If you want to commit a preposition, you must add "+" before it:

Снимок Экрана 2022 06 22 В 14.38.12

  • Competitor audit

Checking your competitors is another important step when preparing for SEO promotion.

With the Serpstat service, you can check all the relevant topics of your competitors' websites. Under "Domain Analysis" "Competitors" enter your domain address, select any competitor from the list and perform a full SEO analysis.

1651565871 Es0 Rqk J Qm Q

  • Selecting keywords

Not all customers include keywords in the TOR for the copywriter, so to qualitatively perform the task you can use the key phrase planner Google, Serpstat, Ahrefs or Key Collector.

The semantic core must contain:

  • with high frequency — from 3 words
  • additional — from 15 words


  • Creating a text structure

You have decided on the semantic core for the text, you can put aside the list of words for now. Concentrate on building the right structure, and the SC can be inserted into the text you have already written, organically distributing all user queries.

SEO test structure:

Ретекст Статья 2.2

  • header h1 — must match the content
  • introduction — a brief description of what the main body of the text will be about
  • the first h2 subheading  is a description of the problem to be solved
  • the second subheading h3  suggestion for a solution
  • conclusion  remember the difference between an SEO article and an SEO text. In the conclusion you rely on these differences, if it is an article — you make a conclusion about the written above, for a commercial text — you provide information on how and where you can buy a product or service.


  • Using synonymizer online without loss of meaning

Save time on writing SEO texts and articles will help the best synonymizer — ReText.AI. With its paraphrasing, summarization and uniqueness checking functionality you can quickly create original content for websites and commercial offers.

  • Checking for errors

This is an important step to evaluate the written material. Check the SEO text according to the following criteria:

  1. Nausea is a measure of the frequency of occurrence of each word
  2. Spamming will show how the keys are distributed in the text
  3. Water in text  indicator of the ratio of insignificant words and phrases to the bulk of content
  4. Uniqueness  search engines will not give a text in the top with uniqueness rate below 80%

You can use the service to check all these indicators.

Criteria for a high quality SEO article

In addition to the requirements of search engines, pay attention to the following indicators of a quality SEO article:

  • Check the text for readability

The first question to answer is whether the text makes sense to you, what it tells you and what it sells? Text that is not logically connected should not be published on the site.

  • Check the validity of the information in the text

The copywriter may not know all the nuances of your business. Check the information in the text for accuracy, and if there are any differences, be sure to eliminate these errors.

  • Compare with major competitors

Look at the sites that the search engine comes up first. Compare your text with competitors, perhaps you will see blocks that are not in your text and it makes sense to add them.

  • Keyword check

Check the relevance of each query and the appropriateness of its place in the text. Some copywriters may highlight them in the text in a different color or font. We want to advise you: you should not do this, as there is no benefit to such highlighting, and users will immediately recognize that the text was written not for them but for a search robot.

  • Checking the layout of the text

Are paragraphs separated by spaces? Are lists added? Are there subheadings and how are they highlighted? Is one idea followed throughout the text? Time is precious for every user, so before you begin a detailed study of the article, you will run through the main points to see if the material is interesting to you. That's why proper design is an important part of the whole article.


In this article we have defined why we need SEO texts, considered the algorithm of writing and criteria for checking SEO material. With the help of this information you can create unique content that will attract traffic to your website.